NELLORE Locality - List of localities of NELLORE

Below is a comprehensive list of 32 areas and 18 talukas under NELLORE district of Andhra Pradesh. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

NELLORE District

Nellore district (or Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore district), located in Coastal Andhra region, is one of the 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh. The population of the district according to the Census 2011 was 2,966,082 of which 29.07% were urban. Nellore city is its administrative headquarters. The district is bordered by the Bay of Bengal to the east, Kadapa district to the west, Prakasam District to the north, Chittoor district and Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu to the south.[2]

List of Talukas in NELLORE, Andhra Pradesh

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Map of NELLORE, Andhra Pradesh

Area Locality in NELLORE District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Gunapathi vari streetLakshmi bangle stores Nellore Locality NELLORE Nellore Head Office
Nawab PetMain Road Nellore Locality NELLORE Stonehousepet Sub Office
santhi Nagarstreet 5 Nellore Locality NELLORE Dargamitta Sub Office
STATE BANK COLONY Nellore Locality NELLORE Andhrakesari Nagar Sub Office
saluchintala Nellore Locality NELLORE Polytechnic Sub Office (Nellore)
Sullurpeta Sullurpeta Locality NELLORE Sullurpeta Sub Office
Kotapoluru Sullurpeta Locality NELLORE Kotapolur Sub Office
Shar Project Sullurpeta Locality NELLORE Sriharikota Range Sub Office
Pellakur Pellakur Locality NELLORE Pellakur Sub Office
Venkatagiri Venkatagiri Locality NELLORE Venkatagiri Town Sub Office
Chakalakonda Vinjamur Locality NELLORE Chakalakonda Sub Office
Udayagiri Udayagiri Locality NELLORE Udayagiri Sub Office (Nellore)
Varikuntapadu Varikuntapadu Locality NELLORE Varikuntapadu Sub Office
Vinjamoor Vinjamur Locality NELLORE Vinjamur Sub Office
Gandipalem Udayagiri Locality NELLORE Gandipalem Sub Office
Duvvuru Sangam Locality NELLORE Duvvur Sub Office (Nellore)
Sangam Sangam Locality NELLORE Sangam Sub Office
Viroor Podalakur Locality NELLORE Virur Sub Office
Seetharamapuram Seetharamapuram Locality NELLORE Seetaramapuram Sub Office
T.P.Gudur Bit I Thotapalligudur Locality NELLORE Thotapalliguduru Sub Office
Vidavalur Vidavalur Locality NELLORE Vidavalur Sub Office
Venkatachalam Venkatachalam Locality NELLORE Venkatachalasatram Sub Office
Survepalli Venkatachalam Locality NELLORE Survepalli Sub Office
Podalakur Podalakur Locality NELLORE Podalakur Sub Office
Tada Tada Locality NELLORE Tada Sub Office
Ojili Ojili Locality NELLORE Vojili Sub Office
Bangarupeta Venkatagiri Locality NELLORE Bangarupeta Sub Office
Sydapuram Sydapuram Locality NELLORE Sydapuram Sub Office
Rapur Rapur Locality NELLORE Rapur Sub Office
Kalichedu Sydapuram Locality NELLORE Kalichedu Sub Office
Gundavolu Rapur Locality NELLORE Gundavolu Sub Office
Vakadu Vakadu Locality NELLORE Vakadu Sub Office

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