JORHAT Locality - List of localities of JORHAT

Below is a comprehensive list of 30 areas and 5 talukas under JORHAT district of Assam. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

JORHAT District

Jorhat {Pron:ˈʤɔ:(r)ˌhɑ:t} is an administrative district of Assam, located in the central part of Brahmaputra Valley. The district is bounded by Lakhimpur district on north, Nagaland state on the south, Sivasagar on the east and Golaghat on the west. On the North of the district, the river Brahmaputra forms the largest riverine island of the world. The administrative seat is located at Jorhat town.

List of Talukas in JORHAT, Assam

Below is map of JORHAT, Assam. Click to open in Google Maps.

Map of JORHAT, Assam

Area Locality in JORHAT District

Locality Area District Postal Status
MALOW ALI AREA.TOWN AREA Jorhat East Locality JORHAT Jorhat Head Office
Chaliha Gaon Jorhat West Locality JORHAT Barbheta Sub Office
Borahom Katoni Jorhat West Locality JORHAT Jorhat Reserch Lab Sub Office
JEC AREA.ALL AREA Jorhat West Locality JORHAT Jorhat Engg College Sub Office
CINNAMARA.CINNAMARA AREA Jorhat West Locality JORHAT Cinnamara Sub Office
NA ALI DHEKIAJULI.NA ALI DHEKIAJULI Titabor Locality JORHAT Na Ali Dhekiajuli Sub Office
CHENGELIGAON AREA.AT ROAD Jorhat East Locality JORHAT Chengeli Gaon Sub Office
AAU CAMPUS OUTSIDE.ALL AREA Jorhat West Locality JORHAT Assam Agriculture University Sub Office
Bongalpukhuri. Jorhat East Locality JORHAT Rajabari Sub Office
KOROKATOLY.KOROKATOLY Jorhat West Locality JORHAT Korokatoly Sub Office
Bali Chapari Gaon Jorhat East Locality JORHAT Bahana Sub Office
Sumoi Mari Majuli Locality JORHAT Dakhin Pat Satra Sub Office
Garmur Satra Majuli Locality JORHAT Garmursatra Sub Office
Bor Pamua No.1 Majuli Locality JORHAT Jengraimukh Sub Office
Upper Katoni Majuli Locality JORHAT Kamalabari Sub Office
KAKAJAN ALL AREA.ALL AREA Jorhat East Locality JORHAT Kakajan Sub Office
KOKILAMUKH AREA.ALL AREA Jorhat West Locality JORHAT Kakilamukh Sub Office
Chamaguri Satra Majuli Locality JORHAT Majulibongaon Sub Office
NEAMATIGHAT.ALL AREA Jorhat East Locality JORHAT Neamatighat Sub Office
Bajarchiga Jorhat East Locality JORHAT Teok Sub Office
Charaibahi Gaon Jorhat West Locality JORHAT Gatanga Sub Office
No.11 Grant Titabor Locality JORHAT Titabor Sub Office
Borholla T.E. Titabor Locality JORHAT Borholla Sub Office
Bogar Gaon Titabor Locality JORHAT Purana Titabor Sub Office
KHORIKOTIA.MARIANI GOLAGHAT Titabor Locality JORHAT Khorikotia Sub Office
Doklongia T.E. Titabor Locality JORHAT Mariani Sub Office
NAKACHARI.ALL AREA Titabor Locality JORHAT Nakachari Sub Office
Seleng Grant Teok Locality JORHAT Selenghat Sub Office
LAHDOIGARH CHARIALI.AT ROAD Jorhat East Locality JORHAT Lahdoigarh Chariali Sub Office
Murmuria Jorhat West Locality JORHAT Ongc Jorhat Sub Office

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