SIBSAGAR Locality - List of localities of SIBSAGAR

Below is a comprehensive list of 32 areas and 5 talukas under SIBSAGAR district of Assam. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.


Sivasagar district {Pron: ˈsɪvəˌsʌgə(r) or ˈʃɪvəˌsʌgə(r)} (Assamese: শিৱসাগৰ জিলা), formerly known as Sibsagar, is one of the 27 districts of Assam state in north eastern India. Sivasagar city is the administrative headquarters of this district.It is known for its rich and diverse biodiversity.[1] The districts covers an area of 2668 square kilometers as against total area of 78438 square kilometers of Assam as per census of 2001. The district comprises three sub divisions – Sivasagar, Charaideo and Nazira. The district of Sivasagar lies between 26.45°N and 27.15°N latitudes and 94.25°E and 95.25°E longitudes. The district is bounded by the Brahmaputra River on the north, the Nagaland on the south, the Dihing River on the east and the Jhanji River on the west. The Sivasagar district has got its definite identity due to its different races, castes, languages and cultures.

List of Talukas in SIBSAGAR, Assam

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Map of SIBSAGAR, Assam

Area Locality in SIBSAGAR District

Locality Area District Postal Status
AMOLAPATTY.TOWN AREA Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Sivasagar Head Office
CHARING.CHARING Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Charing Sub Office
Demow Grant Dimow Locality SIBSAGAR Demow Sub Office
Afala Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Disangmukh Sub Office
GAURISAGAR.ALL AREA Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Gaurisagar Sub Office
JOYSAGAR.ALL AREA Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Joysagar Sub Office
KALOOGAON.ALL AREA Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Kaloogaon Sub Office
KONWARPUR.KONWARPUR Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Konwarpur Sub Office
MORAN.ALL AREA Dimow Locality SIBSAGAR Moran Sub Office
MORANHAT TE.GARDEN AREA Dimow Locality SIBSAGAR Moranhat Sub Office
NITAIPUKHURI.ALL AREA Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Nitaipukhuri Sub Office
Khata Pathar Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Rajmai Sub Office
Chakalia Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Sepon Sub Office
NEMUGURI.ALL AREA Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Nemuguri Sub Office
Amguri Amguri Locality SIBSAGAR Amguri Sub Office
AMGURI HALUWATING.AMGURI Amguri Locality SIBSAGAR Amguri Haloating Sub Office
Bhitarual Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Tamulichiga Sub Office
JHANJI AREA.ALL AREA Amguri Locality SIBSAGAR Jhanji Sub Office
NAMTIDOLL.ALL AREA Amguri Locality SIBSAGAR Namtidoll Sub Office
Nazira Nazira Locality SIBSAGAR Nazira Sub Office
SIMALUGURI.ALL AREA Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Simaluguri Sub Office
Bihubar Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Santak Sub Office
LAKWAH.LAKWAH Nazira Locality SIBSAGAR Lakowah Sub Office
Bonomail Sonari Locality SIBSAGAR Suffry Sub Office
Namtidol Sonari Locality SIBSAGAR Sonari Sub Office (Sibsagar)
Bhojo Gaon Bhojo Rly. Stn. Sonari Locality SIBSAGAR Bhojo Sub Office
SAPEKHATI.SAPEKHATI Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Sapekhati Sub Office
barahigaon Nazira Locality SIBSAGAR Borhat Sub Office
Atkhal Grant No.I Nazira Locality SIBSAGAR Geleky Sub Office
Gohain Gaon Sibsagar Locality SIBSAGAR Ongc Colony Sub Office
LAKWAH.LAKWAH RS Nazira Locality SIBSAGAR Lakwah R.S. Sub Office
HAHCHARA AREA.ALL AREA Amguri Locality SIBSAGAR Hahchara Sub Office

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