GAYA Locality - List of localities of GAYA

Below is a comprehensive list of 30 areas and 17 talukas under GAYA district of Bihar. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

GAYA District

Gaya is one of the thirty eight districts of Bihar state, India. It was officially established on 3 October 1865. The district has a common boundary with the state of Jharkhand to the south. Gaya city is both the district headquarters and the second largest city in Bihar.

List of Talukas in GAYA, Bihar

Below is map of GAYA, Bihar. Click to open in Google Maps.

Map of GAYA, Bihar

Area Locality in GAYA District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Belaganj Belaganj Locality GAYA Belaganj Sub Office
Chakand Gaya Locality GAYA Chakand Sub Office
Chanda Buzurg Wazirganj Locality GAYA Tarwan Sub Office
Babhandih Wajirganj Wazirganj Locality GAYA Wazirganj Sub Office (Gaya)
Khawa kinare Gaya Locality GAYA Gaya Head Office
Murli hill North Gaya Locality GAYA Gaya R.S Sub Office
Badahpur Manpur Locality GAYA Buniyad Ganj Sub Office
Dhandhwa Math Gaya Locality GAYA Civil Aerodram Sub Office
O T A Gaya Gaya Locality GAYA Asc Centre(N) Gaya Sub Office
Natsar Neem Chak Bathani Locality GAYA Atri Sub Office
anti Gaya Locality GAYA Anti Sub Office
Bara Guraru Locality GAYA Guraru Mills Sub Office
BARACHATTI S.O Gaya Locality GAYA Barachatti Sub Office
Gurua S.O Gurua Locality GAYA Gurua Sub Office
Imamganj Imamganj Locality GAYA Imamganj Sub Office
Konch S.O Tikari Locality GAYA Konch Sub Office (Gaya)
Amas Amas Locality GAYA Madanpur Sub Office (Aurangabad(BH))
Bagahi Paraiya Locality GAYA Paraiya Sub Office
Raniganj Imamganj Locality GAYA Raniganj Sub Office (Gaya)
Afzalpur Sherghati Locality GAYA Sherghati Sub Office
Banke Bazar Banke Bazar Locality GAYA Bankey Bajar Sub Office
AMAS Sherghati Locality GAYA Amas Sub Office
Dobhi Dobhi Locality GAYA Dobhi Sub Office
Mocharim Bodh Gaya Locality GAYA Bodhgaya Sub Office
Badauan Fatehpur Locality GAYA Fatehpur Sub Office (Gaya)
Khizirsarai Khizirsarai Locality GAYA Khizersarai Sub Office
Teachers Quater Gaya Locality GAYA Magadh University Sub Office
Tikari Tikari Locality GAYA Mow Sub Office
Belhariya Tikari Locality GAYA Tekari Sub Office
Bodh Gaya Bodh Gaya Locality GAYA Cherki Sub Office

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