KATIHAR Locality - List of localities of KATIHAR

Below is a comprehensive list of 19 areas and 10 talukas under KATIHAR district of Bihar. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

KATIHAR District

Katihar district is one of the thirty eight districts of Bihar state, India, and Katihar town is the administrative headquarters of this district. The district is a part of Purnia Division.Purnea is Pramandal of Katihar district.

List of Talukas in KATIHAR, Bihar

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Map of KATIHAR, Bihar

Area Locality in KATIHAR District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Ayodhyaganj Bazar Kursela Locality KATIHAR Ayodhyaganj Bazar Sub Office
Daharia katihar Locality KATIHAR Daharia Molls Sub Office
Gurubazar Barari Locality KATIHAR Gurubazar Sub Office
Siksha NiketanSiksha NiketanBinod pur katihar Locality KATIHAR Katihar Head Office
Katihar katihar Locality KATIHAR Katihar Bmp Camp Sub Office
middle Schoolmiddle Schoolmiddle School katihar Locality KATIHAR Katihar Mill Sub Office
Gorgaon Korha Locality KATIHAR Korha Sub Office
Katihar Court katihar Locality KATIHAR Katihar Court Sub Office
Basantpur Amdabad Locality KATIHAR Amdabad Sub Office
Manihari Manihari Locality KATIHAR Manihari Sub Office
Pothia katihar Locality KATIHAR Pothia Sub Office
Semapur Factory Barari Locality KATIHAR Semapur Factory Sub Office
Mahadeopur Pranpur Locality KATIHAR Mahadevpur Sub Office (Katihar)
Baida Amdabad Locality KATIHAR Rosna Sub Office
Barsoighat Barsoi Locality KATIHAR Barsoighat Sub Office
Barsoi Barsoi Locality KATIHAR Barsoi Sub Office
durgaganj SO katihar Locality KATIHAR Durgaganj Sub Office
Salmara Azamnagar Locality KATIHAR Salmari Sub Office
Sonaili Kadwa Locality KATIHAR Sonali Sub Office

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