SIWAN Locality - List of localities of SIWAN

Below is a comprehensive list of 36 areas and 19 talukas under SIWAN district of Bihar. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

SIWAN District

Siwan district is one of the districts of Bihar state, India. Siwan town is the administrative headquarters of this district. Siwan district is a part of Saran Division since 1972. The town is known for its great past especially for First President of Indian Republic who belonged to Jeeradei.[1] The district was previously also known as Aliganj Sawan after the name of Ali Bux. Siwan has historical and mythological importance attached to it. Member of Parliament from siwan is Mr. Om Prakash Yadav[2]

List of Talukas in SIWAN, Bihar

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Map of SIWAN, Bihar

Area Locality in SIWAN District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Chainpur Mobarakpur Siswan Locality SIWAN Chainpur Sub Office (Siwan)
Gangapur Siswan Locality SIWAN Gangpur Siswan Sub Office
Siwan Siwan Locality SIWAN Siwan Head Office
Atarsua Pachrukhi Locality SIWAN Gaushalaroad Siwan Sub Office
Andar Andar Locality SIWAN Andar Sub Office
Bahadpur Bazar Barharia Locality SIWAN Barhria Sub Office
Daraundha Daraundha Locality SIWAN Daronda Sub Office
Darauli Darauli Locality SIWAN Darauli Sub Office
Karanpura Darauli Locality SIWAN Done Sub Office
USARI Hasanpura Locality SIWAN Hasanpura Sub Office
Hussainganj Hussainganj Locality SIWAN Hussainganj Sub Office
Maharajganj Maharajganj Locality SIWAN Mahrajganj Sub Office (Siwan)
Lalganj Mairwa Locality SIWAN Mairwa Sub Office
Mahual Hasanpura Locality SIWAN Mahuwal Mahal Sub Office
Makhnupur Pachrukhi Locality SIWAN Pachrukhi Sub Office
Surbir Maharajganj Locality SIWAN Paterhi Sub Office
Shahpur Nautan Locality SIWAN Sahpur Sub Office
Takipur Maharajganj Locality SIWAN Takipur Sub Office
Ziradei Ziradei Locality SIWAN Zeradei Sub Office
JAMALHATA Hasanpura Locality SIWAN Bakerganj Sub Office
Asaon Andar Locality SIWAN Asaon Sub Office
Bagaura Daraundha Locality SIWAN Bagaura Sub Office
Rajapur Basantpur Locality SIWAN Basantpur Sub Office (Siwan)
Bhagwanpur Hat Bhagwanpur Hat Locality SIWAN Bhagwanpur Hat Sub Office
Jamo Goriakothi Locality SIWAN Jamobazar Sub Office
Kishunpura Lakri Nabiganj Locality SIWAN Kishunpura Sub Office
Munsepur Lakri Nabiganj Locality SIWAN Rajapatti Sub Office
Gorea Kothi Goriakothi Locality SIWAN Goreakothi Sub Office
Guthani Guthani Locality SIWAN Guthni Sub Office
Mustafabad Goriakothi Locality SIWAN Mustfabad Sub Office
Banthu Sriram Ziradei Locality SIWAN Narendrapur Sub Office
Khujwa Raghunathpur Locality SIWAN Khujhwa Sub Office
Raghunathpur Raghunathpur Locality SIWAN Raghunathpur Sub Office (Siwan)
Tarwara Pachrukhi Locality SIWAN Tarwara Sub Office
Mora ke Mathia Bhagwanpur Hat Locality SIWAN Mora Sub Office (Siwan)
Gabhirar Raghunathpur Locality SIWAN Gabhirar Sub Office

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