SUPAUL Locality - List of localities of SUPAUL

Below is a comprehensive list of 18 areas and 10 talukas under SUPAUL district of Bihar. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

SUPAUL District

Supaul district (Hindi: सुपौल जिला) is one of the thirty eight districts of Bihar state, India, and Supaul town is the administrative headquarters of this district. This district occupies an area of 2,410 km2 (931 sq mi). The district was carved out from the erstwhile Saharsa district on 14 March 1991.

List of Talukas in SUPAUL, Bihar

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Map of SUPAUL, Bihar

Area Locality in SUPAUL District

Locality Area District Postal Status
kunaulibazar Nirmali Locality SUPAUL Kunauli Bazar Sub Office
Nirmali Nirmali Locality SUPAUL Nirmali Sub Office (Supaul)
Bhabtiahi Saraigarh Bhaptiyahi Locality SUPAUL Bhaptiyahi Bazar Sub Office
Ganpatganj Raghopur Locality SUPAUL Ganpatganj Sub Office (Supaul)
Goth Baruari Supaul Locality SUPAUL Garh Baruari Sub Office
Raghopur Raghopur Locality SUPAUL Jia Ram Raghopur Sub Office
Pratapganj Pratapganj Locality SUPAUL Pratapganj Sub Office (Supaul)
Sukhpur Solhani Supaul Locality SUPAUL Sukhpur Sub Office
Supaul Supaul Locality SUPAUL Supaul Sub Office
Chhatapur Chhatapur Locality SUPAUL Surpatganj Sub Office
Tharbitia Kishanpur Locality SUPAUL Tharbitta Sub Office
Tribeniganj Tribeniganj Locality SUPAUL Triveniganj Sub Office
Jadia Tribeniganj Locality SUPAUL Jadia Sub Office
Karjain Raghopur Locality SUPAUL Karjain Bazar Sub Office
Pipra Pipra Locality SUPAUL Pipra Bazar Sub Office
Bhimnagar Basantpur Locality SUPAUL Bhimnagar Bairrage Sub Office
Gurdharia Chhatapur Locality SUPAUL Balua Bazar Sub Office
Basantpur Basantpur Locality SUPAUL Birpur Sub Office (Supaul)

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