AMRELI Locality - List of localities of AMRELI

Below is a comprehensive list of 35 areas and 11 talukas under AMRELI district of Gujarat. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

AMRELI District

Amreli district (Gujarati: અમરેલી જિલ્લો) is one of the 33 administrative districts of the state of Gujarat in western India. The district headquarters are located at Amreli. The district occupies an area of 6,760 km² and has a population of 1,393,918 of which 22.45% were urban (as of 2001). From Amreli district maximum number of NRI in USA from Saurashtra. Amreli is land of Yogiji Maharaj, Danbapu, Sage Muldas, Sage Bhojalrambapa, Sage Muktanand Swami, Magician K.Lal, Zaverchand Megahani's place (Bagasara), Dr. Jivaraj Mehata etc. Amreli covers Gir National forest sanctuary area. Now it is developing as a Hub of Education.[1]

List of Talukas in AMRELI, Gujarat

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Map of AMRELI, Gujarat

Area Locality in AMRELI District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Timbi Jafrabad Locality AMRELI Timbi Sub Office
Savar Kundla Savar Kundla Locality AMRELI Savarkundla Sub Office
Jira Savar Kundla Locality AMRELI Jira Sub Office
Badhada Savar Kundla Locality AMRELI Badhada Sub Office
Vanda Savar Kundla Locality AMRELI Vanda Sub Office
Vijapdi Savar Kundla Locality AMRELI Vijpadi Sub Office
Damnagar Amreli Locality AMRELI Damnagar Sub Office
Chamardi Babra Locality AMRELI Chamaradi Sub Office
Babra Babra Locality AMRELI Babra Sub Office (Amreli)
Lathi Lathi Locality AMRELI Lathi Sub Office (Amreli)
Chavand Lathi Locality AMRELI Chavand Sub Office
Bagasara Bagasara Locality AMRELI Bagasra Sub Office
Kunkavav Moti Kunkavav Vadia Locality AMRELI Kunkavav Sub Office
Ankadiya Mota Amreli Locality AMRELI Mota ankadiya Sub Office
Vaghaniya Juna Bagasara Locality AMRELI Vaghaniya Sub Office
Luni Dhar Kunkavav Vadia Locality AMRELI Lunidhar Sub Office
Vadia Kunkavav Vadia Locality AMRELI Vadia Sub Office
Lilia Lilia Locality AMRELI Liliya Sub Office
Jafrabad Jafrabad Locality AMRELI Jafrabad Sub Office (Amreli)
Kovaya Rajula Locality AMRELI UTCL Kovaya Sub Office
Nageshri Jafrabad Locality AMRELI Nageshri Sub Office
Dedan Khambha Locality AMRELI Dedan Sub Office
Dungar Rajula Locality AMRELI Dungar Sub Office
Rajula Rajula Locality AMRELI Rajula Sub Office
Krankach Lilia Locality AMRELI Krankach Sub Office
Amreli Amreli Locality AMRELI Amreli Head Office
Babapur Amreli Locality AMRELI Babapur Sub Office
Chital Amreli Locality AMRELI Chital Sub Office
Dhari Dhari Locality AMRELI Chalala Sub Office
Samadhiyala Mota Khambha Locality AMRELI Motasamdhiyala Sub Office
Dhari Dhari Locality AMRELI Dhari Sub Office
Bhader Dhari Locality AMRELI Bhader Sub Office
Khambha Khambha Locality AMRELI Khambha Sub Office
Sarasiya Dhari Locality AMRELI Sarsiya Sub Office
Shekhpipariya Lathi Locality AMRELI Ambaliasan Sub Office

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