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Below is a comprehensive list of 16 areas and 7 talukas under DAHOD district of Gujarat. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

DAHOD District

Dahod District, also known as Dohad District, is located in Gujarat state in western India. The city of Dahod is the district's administrative headquarters. The district has an area of 3,642 km², and a population of 21,26,558 (2011 census), with a population density of 583 persons per km². Dahod District was created on 2 October 1997, and was formerly part of Panchmahal District. Its territory mostly consists of two former Princely States, namely Baria (Devgadh) and Sanjeli in addition to Fatehpura Taluka of Sunth (Rampur) State, along with the two "eastern mahals" of Dahod and Jhalod from the former Panchmahals. It was 8.99% urban at the 2001 census.[1]

List of Talukas in DAHOD, Gujarat

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Map of DAHOD, Gujarat

Area Locality in DAHOD District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Asayadi Devgadbaria Locality DAHOD Piplod Sub Office (Dahod)
Dhadhela Limkheda Locality DAHOD Limkheda Sub Office
Ankali Devgadbaria Locality DAHOD Dudhia Sub Office
sindhi socitysindhi socitysindhi socity Dohad Locality DAHOD Dahod Head Office
Pandadi Garbada Locality DAHOD Jesawada Sub Office
Lilar Dohad Locality DAHOD Katwara Sub Office
Garbada Garbada Locality DAHOD Garbada Sub Office
Prem NagarPremnagar AreaRailway colony Dohad Locality DAHOD Freelandganj Sub Office
Jhalod Jhalod Locality DAHOD Jhalod Sub Office
Fatepura Fatepura Locality DAHOD Fatepura Sub Office (Dahod)
Sanjeli Jhalod Locality DAHOD Sanjeli Sub Office
Limdi Jhalod Locality DAHOD Limdi Sub Office
Sukhsar Fatepura Locality DAHOD Sukhsar Sub Office
Abhlod Devgadbaria Locality DAHOD Adadra Sub Office
Devgadbaria Devgadbaria Locality DAHOD Devgadh Baria Sub Office
Dhanpur Dhanpur Locality DAHOD Dhanpur Sub Office

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