VALSAD Locality - List of localities of VALSAD

Below is a comprehensive list of 32 areas and 5 talukas under VALSAD district of Gujarat. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

VALSAD District

Valsad district is one of the 33 districts in the Western Indian state of Gujarat. It is bound by Navsari district to the north, Nashik district of Maharashtra state to the east, and Dadra and Nagar Haveli union territory and Palghar district of Maharashtra to the south. The Arabian Sea lies west of the district. The coastal Daman enclave of Daman and Diu union territory is bounded by Valsad district on the north, east, and south.[1] The district's administrative capital is Valsad. The district's largest city is Vapi.

List of Talukas in VALSAD, Gujarat

Below is map of VALSAD, Gujarat. Click to open in Google Maps.

Map of VALSAD, Gujarat

Area Locality in VALSAD District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Bhoma Pardi Valsad Locality VALSAD Valsad Head Office
Biliya falia Valsad Locality VALSAD Valsad Abrama Sub Office
.Highway road line Valsad Locality VALSAD Valsad Sugar Factory Sub Office
Atar Valsad Locality VALSAD Atul Sub Office
Vejalpore Valsad Locality VALSAD Hanuman Bhagda Sub Office
Gundlav Valsad Locality VALSAD Valsad I.E. Sub Office
Atgam Valsad Locality VALSAD Atgam Sub Office
Asura Dharampur Locality VALSAD Dharampur Sub Office (Valsad)
Bildha Dharampur Locality VALSAD Amba Talat Sub Office
Anjlav Valsad Locality VALSAD Ronvel Sub Office
Nani Vahiyal Dharampur Locality VALSAD Nanivahiyal Sub Office
Bhilad Umbergaon Locality VALSAD Bhilad Sub Office
Kolak Pardi Locality VALSAD Kolak Sub Office
Khattalwada Umbergaon Locality VALSAD Khatalwada Sub Office
police station Pardi Locality VALSAD Killa Pardi Sub Office
Nana Pondha Kaprada Locality VALSAD Nanapondha Sub Office
Maroli Umbergaon Locality VALSAD Maroli Sanjan Sub Office
Nargol Umbergaon Locality VALSAD Nargol Sub Office
Fansa Umbergaon Locality VALSAD Phansa Sub Office
Pardi Parnera Valsad Locality VALSAD Pardi Paria Sub Office
Humran Umbergaon Locality VALSAD Sanjan Sub Office
Manda Umbergaon Locality VALSAD Sarigam Sub Office
Dahad Umbergaon Locality VALSAD Solsumba Sub Office
Govada Umbergaon Locality VALSAD Umargam Sub Office
Umbergaon Umbergaon Locality VALSAD Umargam I.E. Sub Office
Udwada Pardi Locality VALSAD Udvada Sub Office
Kalsar Pardi Locality VALSAD Udvada R.S. Sub Office
Kumbharwad Pardi Locality VALSAD Vapi Sub Office
Shivam nagar socity Pardi Locality VALSAD Vapi I.E. Sub Office
Madhuban Kaprada Locality VALSAD Karad Daman Project Sub Office
Dungri Valsad Locality VALSAD Dungri Sub Office (Valsad)
Untdi Valsad Locality VALSAD Untdi Sub Office

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