CHAMBA Locality - List of localities of CHAMBA

Below is a comprehensive list of 24 areas and 10 talukas under CHAMBA district of Himachal Pradesh. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

CHAMBA District

Chamba is the northwestern district of Himachal Pradesh, in India, with its headquarters in Chamba town. The towns of Dalhousie and Khajjhiar are popular hill stations and vacation spots for the people from the plains of northern India. Chamba is the only state in northern India to preserve a well documented history from circa 500 A.D. Its high mountain ranges have given it a sheltered position and helped in preserving its centuries old relics and numerous inscriptions. The temples erected by rajas of Chamba more than a thousand years age continue to be under worship and the land grant deeds executed on copper plates by them continue to be valid under the law.

List of Talukas in CHAMBA, Himachal Pradesh

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Map of CHAMBA, Himachal Pradesh

Area Locality in CHAMBA District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Kasba Sihunta (300B) Sihunta(S.T) Locality CHAMBA Sihunta Sub Office
Anain (335) Sihunta(S.T) Locality CHAMBA Bakloh Sub Office
Bankot (197) Bhattiyat(T) Locality CHAMBA Chowari Sub Office
Chaltuhni (125) Dalhousie(T) Locality CHAMBA Banikhet Sub Office
Center school of tibbeten Dalhousie(T) Locality CHAMBA Dalhousie Sub Office
Station headquater Dalhousie(T) Locality CHAMBA Dalhousie Cantt Sub Office
Bathri Jarai (82) Dalhousie(T) Locality CHAMBA Bathri bazar Sub Office
Bhalai (42) Bhalai(S.T) Locality CHAMBA Bhalei Sub Office
Garola (134) Holi(S.T) Locality CHAMBA Garola Sub Office
Udaipur Khas (16) Chamba(T) Locality CHAMBA Chamba Head Office
Mehla (64) Chamba(T) Locality CHAMBA Mehla Sub Office
Sindla (194) Saluni(T) Locality CHAMBA Sundla Sub Office
Kakira Kasba (161) Bhattiyat(T) Locality CHAMBA Kakira Sub Office
Sultanpur (18) Chamba(T) Locality CHAMBA Sultanpur Sub Office (Chamba)
Bharmour (97) Brahmaur(T) Locality CHAMBA Bharmour Sub Office
Jhajjakothi Chaurah(T) Locality CHAMBA Bhanjraru Tissa Sub Office
Surgani (235) Saluni(T) Locality CHAMBA Surangani Sub Office
Oic insurance india ltd Chamba(T) Locality CHAMBA Hardaspura Sub Office
Pukhri (290) Chamba(T) Locality CHAMBA Pukhri Sub Office
Saluni(T) Saluni(T) Locality CHAMBA Salooni Sub Office
Paleran (561) Chaurah(T) Locality CHAMBA Nakror Sub Office
Pangi(T) Pangi(T) Locality CHAMBA Killar Pangi Sub Office
Gehra (104) Chamba(T) Locality CHAMBA Gehra Sub Office
Khairi (1) Dalhousie(T) Locality CHAMBA Samleu Sub Office

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