MANDI Locality - List of localities of MANDI

Below is a comprehensive list of 50 areas and 16 talukas under MANDI district of Himachal Pradesh. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

MANDI District

Mandi district (earlier known as Mandavya Nagar) is one of the central districts of Himachal Pradesh state in northern India. Mandi town is the headquarters of Mandi district. The town has mythological and historical significance and boasts of a unique temple architecture. It is referred to as Chhota Kashi as there are many ancient temples in the city and on the banks of river Beas. The Beas flows through the town and hills, which makes this town more scenic. It has a serene ambiance though the modern development has made its inroads here in infrastructural developments.

List of Talukas in MANDI, Himachal Pradesh

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Map of MANDI, Himachal Pradesh

Area Locality in MANDI District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Mandi(T) Mandi(T) Locality MANDI Mandi Head Office
Gur MuhallaStreet Sundarnagar(T) Locality MANDI Bhojpur Sub Office (Mandi)
Kotli(S.T) Kotli(S.T) Locality MANDI Kotli Sub Office
Bhamla (463) Baldwara(S.T) Locality MANDI Bhambla Sub Office
Kataula (401) Mandi(T) Locality MANDI Kataula Sub Office
Gora Gagal (214) Mandi(T) Locality MANDI Gagal Sub Office
Gopalpur (386) Sarkaghat(T) Locality MANDI Gopalpur Sub Office (Mandi)
Dhangoo (223) Mandi(T) Locality MANDI Ner Chowk Sub Office
Tatta Pani (123) Karsog(T) Locality MANDI Tattapani Sub Office
Churag (242) Karsog(T) Locality MANDI Churag Sub Office
Karsog (416) Karsog(T) Locality MANDI Karsog Sub Office
Padar (502) Padhar(T) Locality MANDI Padhar Sub Office
Barot (410) Padhar(T) Locality MANDI Barot Sub Office
Darubbal (244) Jogindarnagar(T) Locality MANDI Drubbal Sub Office
Jogindarnagar(T) Jogindarnagar(T) Locality MANDI Joginder Nagar Sub Office
Lad Bharol(T) Lad Bharol(T) Locality MANDI Ladbharole Sub Office
Salaper (78) Sundarnagar(T) Locality MANDI Slapper Sub Office
Snow ViewHotelSundernagar S.O Sundarnagar(T) Locality MANDI Sunder Nagar 1 Sub Office
ASPOs officeBBMB colony Sundarnagar(T) Locality MANDI Sunder Nagar Town Ship Head Office
Bhangrotu (221) Mandi(T) Locality MANDI Bhangrotu Sub Office
Rawalsar (127) Mandi(T) Locality MANDI Rewalsar Sub Office
Sarkaghat(T) Sarkaghat(T) Locality MANDI Sarkaghat Sub Office
Sajao (163) Sarkaghat(T) Locality MANDI Sajao Pipluso Sub Office
Tihra (193) Sarkaghat(T) Locality MANDI Tihra Sub Office
Baggi (281) Mandi(T) Locality MANDI Baggi Sub Office
Chachyot (54) Chachyot(T) Locality MANDI Chachiot Sub Office
Gohar (63) Chachyot(T) Locality MANDI Gohar Sub Office
Dehar (75) Sundarnagar(T) Locality MANDI Dehar Sub Office
Jai Devi (121) Sundarnagar(T) Locality MANDI Jaidevi Sub Office
Chauntra (53) Jogindarnagar(T) Locality MANDI Chauntra Sub Office
Baldwara (478) Baldwara(S.T) Locality MANDI Baldwara Sub Office
Samaila (564) Baldwara(S.T) Locality MANDI Samaila Sub Office
Bagsiad (97) Thunag(T) Locality MANDI Bagsaid Sub Office
Gurkotha (155) Mandi(T) Locality MANDI Gurkotha Sub Office
Dalaut (254) Sarkaghat(T) Locality MANDI Cholthra Sub Office
Nihri (19) Nihri(S.T) Locality MANDI Nihri Sub Office
Jachh (539) Karsog(T) Locality MANDI Jachh Sub Office
Dharmpur(S.T) Dharmpur(S.T) Locality MANDI Dharampur Sub Office (Mandi)
Rakhoh (260) Sarkaghat(T) Locality MANDI Rakhoh Sub Office
Pangna (201) Karsog(T) Locality MANDI Pangna Sub Office
Janjehli (442) Thunag(T) Locality MANDI Janjehli Sub Office
Thunag (478) Thunag(T) Locality MANDI Thunag Sub Office
Jamni (402) Sarkaghat(T) Locality MANDI Jamni Sub Office
Salon (74) Sandhol(S.T) Locality MANDI Marhi Sub Office
Syoh (46) Dharmpur(S.T) Locality MANDI Seoh Sub Office
Kasan (13) Kotli(S.T) Locality MANDI Saigaloo Sub Office
Bali Chowki (611) Bali Chowki(S.T) Locality MANDI Balichowki Sub Office
Aut (527) Aut(S.T) Locality MANDI Aut Sub Office
Pandoh (325) Mandi(T) Locality MANDI Pandoh Sub Office
Sandhol (7) Sandhol(S.T) Locality MANDI Sandhole Sub Office

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