SOLAN Locality - List of localities of SOLAN

Below is a comprehensive list of 30 areas and 7 talukas under SOLAN district of Himachal Pradesh. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

SOLAN District

Solan district is one of the twelve districts of Himachal Pradesh state in northern India. Solan town is the administrative headquarters of the district. The district occupies an area of 1936 km².

List of Talukas in SOLAN, Himachal Pradesh

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Map of SOLAN, Himachal Pradesh

Area Locality in SOLAN District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Darla (189) Arki(T) Locality SOLAN Darla Sub Office
Garkhal (713) Kasauli(T) Locality SOLAN Garkhal Sub Office
Sanawar (104) Kasauli(T) Locality SOLAN Sanawar Sub Office
Kasauli(T) Kasauli(T) Locality SOLAN Kasauli Sub Office
Baddi Sitalpur (204) Nalagarh(T) Locality SOLAN Baddi Sub Office
Gaddon (24) Solan(T) Locality SOLAN Subathu Sub Office
Hat Kot (467) Arki(T) Locality SOLAN Kunihar Sub Office
Arki(T) Arki(T) Locality SOLAN Arki Sub Office
Dharampur (768) Kasauli(T) Locality SOLAN Dharampur Sub Office (Solan)
Nahech (69819) Solan(T) Locality SOLAN Dagshai Sub Office
Shaprun (653) Solan(T) Locality SOLAN Saproon Sub Office
Solan(T) Solan(T) Locality SOLAN Solan Head Office
Ber (44) Solan(T) Locality SOLAN Chambaghat Sub Office
Jarai (33) Solan(T) Locality SOLAN Solan Brewery Sub Office
Kandaghat(T) Kandaghat(T) Locality SOLAN Kandaghat Sub Office
Chail Forest Area (124) Kandaghat(T) Locality SOLAN Chail Sub Office (Solan)
Digal (183) Ramshahr(S.T) Locality SOLAN Diggal Sub Office
Upmohal Parwanoo Sector I Kasauli(T) Locality SOLAN Parwanoo Sub Office
Sanan Bragiya (135) Arki(T) Locality SOLAN Domehar Sub Office
Mamlig (214) Kandaghat(T) Locality SOLAN Mamlig Sub Office
Ochh (592) Solan(T) Locality SOLAN Oachghat Sub Office
Jubbar (343) Krishangarh(S.T) Locality SOLAN Jubbar Sub Office
Khali (796) Solan(T) Locality SOLAN Kumarhatti Sub Office
Shamror (568) Solan(T) Locality SOLAN Nauni Sub Office
Patta (784) Kasauli(T) Locality SOLAN Patta Sub Office
Wakna (275) Kandaghat(T) Locality SOLAN Waknaghat Sub Office
Dhundan (268) Arki(T) Locality SOLAN Dhundan Sub Office
Nalagarh(T) Nalagarh(T) Locality SOLAN Nalagarh Sub Office
Ramshahr (225) Ramshahr(S.T) Locality SOLAN Ramshahar Sub Office
Barotiwala (196) Kasauli(T) Locality SOLAN Barotiwala Sub Office

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