UNA Locality - List of localities of UNA

Below is a comprehensive list of 34 areas and 5 talukas under UNA district of Himachal Pradesh. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

UNA District

Una is one of the districts of Himachal Pradesh, India, and shares its border with the Hoshiarpur District and ropar district of Punjab. The terrain is generally a plain with low hills. Una has been identified as a main industrial hub and has become a transit town for travellers going to the famous city of Dharamshala or locations within the Himalayas such as Kullu, Manali, Jawalamukhi, and Chintpurni.

List of Talukas in UNA, Himachal Pradesh

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Map of UNA, Himachal Pradesh

Area Locality in UNA District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Gali Prashar Una(T) Locality UNA Santokhgarh Sub Office
Dhusara Awal (437) Amb(T) Locality UNA Dhussara Sub Office
Una(T) Una(T) Locality UNA Una Head Office
Dehlan Uperli Una(T) Locality UNA Dehlan Sub Office
Bangana (1521) Bangana(T) Locality UNA Bangana Sub Office
Lathyani (914) Bangana(T) Locality UNA Lathiani Sub Office
Chauki Khas (14) Bangana(T) Locality UNA Chowki Maniar Sub Office
Jairi Mehatpur Una(T) Locality UNA Mehatpur Sub Office (Una)
Bhera (174) Amb(T) Locality UNA Bhera Sub Office
Bhadsali (197) Una(T) Locality UNA Bhadsali Sub Office
Marwari (2) Amb(T) Locality UNA Marwari Sub Office
Talmehra (41) Bangana(T) Locality UNA Talmehra Sub Office
Thana Kalan (730) Bangana(T) Locality UNA Thanakalan Sub Office
Pubowal (523) Haroli(S.T) Locality UNA Pubowal Sub Office
Dulehr (526) Haroli(S.T) Locality UNA Dulehar Sub Office
Raipur (1028) Bangana(T) Locality UNA Raipur Sub Office (Una)
Sohari (24) Bangana(T) Locality UNA Sohari Sub Office
Bharwain(S.T) Bharwain(S.T) Locality UNA Bharwain Sub Office
Himachal Gramin Bank Bharwain(S.T) Locality UNA Chintpurni Sub Office
Gagret Khas (140) Amb(T) Locality UNA Gagret Sub Office
Mubark Pur (138) Amb(T) Locality UNA Mubarikpur Sub Office
Amb (143) Amb(T) Locality UNA Amb Sub Office
Dolbeh Road Amb(T) Locality UNA Daulatpurchowk Sub Office
Ambota (139) Amb(T) Locality UNA Ambota Sub Office
Oyal (148) Amb(T) Locality UNA Oel Sub Office (Una)
Pandogha Khas Una(T) Locality UNA Pandogha Sub Office
Panjawar (179) Una(T) Locality UNA Panjawar Sub Office
Saloh Uperla (198) Una(T) Locality UNA Saloh Sub Office
Nahari Nauranga (90) Amb(T) Locality UNA Nehri Nauranga Sub Office
Thathal (157) Amb(T) Locality UNA Thathal Sub Office
Ghanari Amb(T) Locality UNA Ghanari Sub Office
Gondpur Banehra Nichla Amb(T) Locality UNA Gondpur Banera Sub Office
Mohalla Nagal Amb(T) Locality UNA Sunkali Sub Office
Haroli (467) Haroli(S.T) Locality UNA Haroli Sub Office

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