BIDAR Locality - List of localities of BIDAR

Below is a comprehensive list of 26 areas and 5 talukas under BIDAR district of Karnataka. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

BIDAR District

Bidar is a district of Karnataka state in southern India. The historic city of Bidar is the administrative centre of the district. The district is located in the northeastern corner of the state, near the borders with Telengana to the east and Maharashtra to the north and west. Gulbarga district lies to the south.

List of Talukas in BIDAR, Karnataka

Below is map of BIDAR, Karnataka. Click to open in Google Maps.

Map of BIDAR, Karnataka

Area Locality in BIDAR District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Kamthana Bidar Locality BIDAR Kamthana Sub Office
Mannaekhalli Homnabad Locality BIDAR Mannakhelli Sub Office
Aurad Aurad Locality BIDAR Aurad (B) Sub Office
Basavakalyan Basavakalyan Locality BIDAR Basavakalyan Sub Office
Bhalki Bhalki Locality BIDAR Bhalki Sub Office
Hudgi Homnabad Locality BIDAR Hoodgi Sub Office
Homnabad Homnabad Locality BIDAR Humnabad Sub Office
Rajeshwar Basavakalyan Locality BIDAR Rajeshwar Sub Office
Maniknagar Homnabad Locality BIDAR Maniknagar Sub Office
Idga complexopp Bus stand Bidar Locality BIDAR Bidar Head Office
Bidar Gurunanak HospitalGurnanak jhiraudgir road Bidar Locality BIDAR Bidar G.N.Jhira Sub Office
Zion colonyKumbarwada areaKumbarwada road Bidar Locality BIDAR Bidar Gandhi Gunj Sub Office
Bhatambra Bhalki Locality BIDAR Bhatambra Sub Office
Chitgoppa (Rural) Homnabad Locality BIDAR Chitguppa Sub Office
Halbarga Bhalki Locality BIDAR Halbarga Sub Office
Hallikhed (B) Homnabad Locality BIDAR Hallikhed (B) Sub Office
Hattarga (Sarhad) Basavakalyan Locality BIDAR Hallikhed SF Sub Office
Hulsoor Aurad Locality BIDAR Hulsoor Sub Office
Kamalnagar Aurad Locality BIDAR Kamalnagar Sub Office
Dubalgundi Homnabad Locality BIDAR Dubalgundi Sub Office
Mantala Basavakalyan Locality BIDAR Matala Sub Office
Santhpur Aurad Locality BIDAR Santhpur Sub Office
Kushnoor Thana Aurad Locality BIDAR Thanna Kushnoor Sub Office
Mudbi Basavakalyan Locality BIDAR Mudbi Sub Office
Mudhole(B) Aurad Locality BIDAR Mudhol (B) Sub Office
Nittur Bhalki Locality BIDAR Nittur Sub Office

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