GADAG Locality - List of localities of GADAG

Below is a comprehensive list of 22 areas and 5 talukas under GADAG district of Karnataka. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

GADAG District

The Gadag District is located in Karnataka, India. The district formed in 1997, when it was split from the Dharwad District. As of 2011, the Gadag District had a population of 971,952 (of which 35.21 percent was urban as of 2001). The overall population increased by 13.14 percent from 1991 to 2001. The Gadag District borders the Bagalkot District on the north, the Koppal District on the east, the Bellary District on the southeast, the Haveri District on the southwest, the Dharwad District on the west and the Belgaum District on the northwest. The district features monuments (primarily Jain and Hindu temples) from the Western Chalukya Empire. Gadag District has seven tehsils: Gadag Betgeri, Ron, Shirhatti, Nargund, Lakshmeshwar, Gajendragad and Mundargi.

List of Talukas in GADAG, Karnataka

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Map of GADAG, Karnataka

Area Locality in GADAG District

Locality Area District Postal Status
SHIVANI INN Gadag Locality GADAG Gadag Head Office
K V G BANK Gadag Locality GADAG Gadag Betgeri Sub Office
K.C.CIRCLE Gadag Locality GADAG Gadag City Sub Office
Abbigeri Ron Locality GADAG Abbigeri Sub Office
Bellatti Shirhatti Locality GADAG Bellatti Sub Office
Dambal Mundargi Locality GADAG Dambal Sub Office
M.Y.RAYABAGI Ron Locality GADAG Gajendragad Sub Office
Lakkundi Gadag Locality GADAG Lakkundi Sub Office
Basapur Gadag Locality GADAG Mulgund Sub Office
Mundargi Mundargi Locality GADAG Mundargi Sub Office
Naregal Ron Locality GADAG Naregal Sub Office
N.Y.KARIGAR Shirhatti Locality GADAG Shiratti Sub Office
Belavanaki Ron Locality GADAG Belvanki Sub Office
Holealur Ron Locality GADAG Holealur Sub Office
Hombal Gadag Locality GADAG Hombal Sub Office
Hulkoti Gadag Locality GADAG Hulkoti Sub Office
Konnur Nargund Locality GADAG Konnur Sub Office (Gadag)
Nargund Nargund Locality GADAG Nargund Sub Office
Ron Ron Locality GADAG Ron Sub Office
Shigli Shirhatti Locality GADAG Shigli Sub Office
Sudi Ron Locality GADAG Sudi Sub Office

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