KOPPAL Locality - List of localities of KOPPAL

Below is a comprehensive list of 21 areas and 4 talukas under KOPPAL district of Karnataka. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

KOPPAL District

Koppal district (Kannada ಕೊಪ್ಪಳ) is an administrative district in the state of Karnataka in India. In the past Koppal was referred to as 'Kopana Nagara'. Hampi, a World heritage center, covers some areas of Koppal District. It is situated approximately 38 km away. Anegundi, is also a famous travel destination.

List of Talukas in KOPPAL, Karnataka

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Map of KOPPAL, Karnataka

Area Locality in KOPPAL District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Alwandi Koppal Locality KOPPAL Alawandi Sub Office
Gangawati Gangawati Locality KOPPAL Gangavathi Sub Office
Ginigera Koppal Locality KOPPAL Ginigera Sub Office
Karatgi Gangawati Locality KOPPAL Karatgi Sub Office
Kinhal Koppal Locality KOPPAL Kinhal Sub Office
Koppal Koppal Locality KOPPAL Koppal Head Office
Kuknoor Yelbarga Locality KOPPAL Kuknoor Sub Office
Munirabad Koppal Locality KOPPAL Munirabad Sub Office
Hulgi Koppal Locality KOPPAL Munirabad RS Sub Office
Wadderahatti Gangawati Locality KOPPAL Wadderhatti Sub Office
Yelbarga Yelbarga Locality KOPPAL Yelburga Sub Office
Bevoor Yelbarga Locality KOPPAL Bewoor Sub Office
Anugondana Koppa Yelbarga Locality KOPPAL Bhagyanagar Sub Office (Koppal)
Pragathinagar Gangawati Locality KOPPAL Pragathinagar Sub Office
Kushtagi Kushtagi Locality KOPPAL Kushtagi Sub Office
Dotihal Kushtagi Locality KOPPAL Dotihal Sub Office
Tawargera Kushtagi Locality KOPPAL Tavargera Sub Office
Hanmanhal Kushtagi Locality KOPPAL Hanumanhal Sub Office
Hanamsagar Kushtagi Locality KOPPAL Hanamsagar Sub Office
Sriramanagar Gangawati Locality KOPPAL Sriramnagar Sub Office (Koppal)
Kanakgiri Gangawati Locality KOPPAL Kanakgiri Sub Office

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