KASARGOD Locality - List of localities of KASARGOD

Below is a comprehensive list of 29 areas and 2 talukas under KASARGOD district of Kerala. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.


Kasargod District (Malayalam: കാസറഗോഡ് ജില്ല) is one of the districts of the Indian state of Kerala. Kasaragod District was organised as a separate district on Kasaragod became part of Kerala following the reorganisation of states and formation of Kerala in November 1, 1956.[1] Prior to this date, Kasaragod was a part of South Kanara district. Kasaragod is named after Kasaragod Town which is the administrative headquarters of the district. Kasaragod is the northernmost district of Kerala and world renowned for its coir and hand loom industries. It is a region where three 'dream lands', like (the rest of) Kerala, Tulunadu and Coorg meet. The district has a coastline of around 29.3 kilometers and a very vast midland. It also consists of high mountain ranges like the Ranipuram Kottencheri belt. The district is filled with rivers, hillocks, beaches, shrines and forts. Kasaragod District is unique for its Linguistic Culture is also known as "SAPTHABHASHA SANGAMABHOOMI" as seven major languages are spoken here.

List of Talukas in KASARGOD, Kerala

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Map of KASARGOD, Kerala

Area Locality in KASARGOD District

Locality Area District Postal Status
HOTEL HIGHWAY CASTLE Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Kasaragod Head Office
PADINHAR Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Talangara Sub Office
KCMP SOCIETY Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Vidyanagar Sub Office (Kasargod)
Madhur Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Kudlu Sub Office
HAYATH COMPLEX Hosdurg Locality KASARGOD Trikarpur Sub Office
KAROLAM Hosdurg Locality KASARGOD Elambachi Sub Office
Padne Hosdurg Locality KASARGOD Padne Sub Office
Cheemeni Hosdurg Locality KASARGOD Chervathur Sub Office
Madikai Hosdurg Locality KASARGOD Nileshwar Sub Office
Hosdurg Hosdurg Locality KASARGOD Kanhangad Head Office
Pallikkara Hosdurg Locality KASARGOD Bekal Fort Sub Office
Kalnad Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Kalnad Sub Office
Pallikkara II Hosdurg Locality KASARGOD Bekal Sub Office
Bare Hosdurg Locality KASARGOD Udma Sub Office
Koipady Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Kumbla Sub Office
Mulinja Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Uppala Sub Office
Kunjathur Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Manjeshwar Sub Office
Mangalpady Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Mangalpady Sub Office
Chittarikkal Hosdurg Locality KASARGOD Chittarikkal Sub Office
Paivalike Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Paivalike Sub Office
Thimiri Hosdurg Locality KASARGOD Thuruthi Sub Office
Ajanur Hosdurg Locality KASARGOD Anandashrama Sub Office
Kallar Hosdurg Locality KASARGOD Rajapuram Sub Office
Parappa Hosdurg Locality KASARGOD Parappa Sub Office
Chengala Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Chengala Sub Office
Muliyar Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Muliyar Sub Office
Karadka Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Mulleria Sub Office
Badiyadka Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Perdala Sub Office
Enmakaje Kasaragod Locality KASARGOD Perla Sub Office

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