INDORE Locality - List of localities of INDORE

Below is a comprehensive list of 31 areas and 4 talukas under INDORE district of Madhya Pradesh. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

INDORE District

Indore District (Hindi: इन्दौर जिला) is a district of Madhya Pradesh state in central India. The district derived its name from the city of Indore, which serves as its administrative headquarters. This district is part of the Indore Division.

List of Talukas in INDORE, Madhya Pradesh

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Map of INDORE, Madhya Pradesh

Area Locality in INDORE District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Lodhipura No.3 1 to 72 Indore Locality INDORE Indore City 2 Sub Office
581 BANSHI TRADE MALL Indore Locality INDORE Vallabhnagar Sub Office (Indore)
Gretar Baba Parishar Indore Locality INDORE Bijasan Road Sub Office
ZONAL OFFICE NO. 04SCH NO. 51 Indore Locality INDORE Army Head Quarter Sub Office
NEW NAVELTI MARKET50 DUKANE Indore Locality INDORE Indore Nagar Head Office
HAWA BANGLOW ZONE OFFICE Indore Locality INDORE Sudama Nagar Sub Office
VIJAY NAGARVEDANT SCHOOL Indore Locality INDORE Vijay Nagar Sub Office
KANCHAN APPARTMENTJ 133 Indore Locality INDORE Nanda Nagar Sub Office
New Nihalpur MandiAB Road Bypass Indore Locality INDORE Rajendra Nagar Sub Office (Indore)
CAT PLANT Indore Locality INDORE Indore Cat Sub Office
KHATIWALA TANKVIKASH REKH COMPL 11 TO 18.. Indore Locality INDORE Khatiwala Tank Sub Office
BHOLENATH COLONY Indore Locality INDORE Industrial Estate Sub Office (Indore)
KHAJRANAMAIN ROAD A SIDE Indore Locality INDORE Indore Kanadia Road Sub Office
MANGAL SHRI BLOCK A,B,C,D Indore Locality INDORE Indore Tillaknagar Sub Office
Kasturbagram Indore Locality INDORE Kasturbagram Sub Office
Betma Khurd Depalpur Locality INDORE Betma Sub Office
Hatod Indore Locality INDORE Hatod Sub Office
GANDHI NAGAR Indore Locality INDORE Gandhinagar Sub Office (Indore)
Depalpur Depalpur Locality INDORE Depalpur Sub Office
GAUTAMPURA Depalpur Locality INDORE Gautampura Sub Office
RAO Indore Locality INDORE Rao Sub Office
Sonway Mhow Locality INDORE Sonway Bhensolay Audygik Kshet Sub Office
Mhow Mhow Locality INDORE Mhow Sub Office
Rasalpura Mhow Locality INDORE Rasalpura Sub Office
Sawer Sawer Locality INDORE Sanwer Sub Office
Bhawrasla Sawer Locality INDORE Shri Aurobindo Sub Office
IIM Campus Indore Locality INDORE IIM CAMPUS RAO Sub Office
MANPUR Mhow Locality INDORE Manpur Sub Office (Indore)
Manglia Sawer Locality INDORE Manglia Sub Office
Ghatabillod Depalpur Locality INDORE Dehri Ghata Billod Sub Office

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