JHABUA Locality - List of localities of JHABUA

Below is a comprehensive list of 13 areas and 7 talukas under JHABUA district of Madhya Pradesh. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

JHABUA District

Jhabua district (Hindi: झाबुआ जिला) is a district of Madhya Pradesh state in central India. The town of Jhabua is the administrative headquarters of the district.

List of Talukas in JHABUA, Madhya Pradesh

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Map of JHABUA, Madhya Pradesh

Area Locality in JHABUA District

Locality Area District Postal Status
UDAIPURIA COLONY Jhabua Locality JHABUA Jhabua Head Office
BAMNIA Jhabua Locality JHABUA Bamnia Sub Office
Khawasa Thandla Locality JHABUA Khawasa Sub Office (Jhabua)
BARBETA COLONY Petlawad Locality JHABUA Petlawad Sub Office
Raipuriya Petlawad Locality JHABUA Raipuria Sub Office
SBI Thandla Locality JHABUA Thandla Sub Office
INDUSTRIAL AREAKATTHA FACTORY Meghnagar Locality JHABUA Meghnagar Sub Office
GOVT COLLEGE Alirajpur Locality JHABUA Bhabhra Sub Office
JUNA KATHIWADAAGANWADI Alirajpur Locality JHABUA Katthiwada Sub Office
SARDAR SAROVAR OFFICE Alirajpur Locality JHABUA Alirajpur Sub Office
sondwa Alirajpur Locality JHABUA Sondwa Sub Office
jobatshivaji marg Jobat Locality JHABUA Jobat Sub Office
Ranapur Ranapur Locality JHABUA Ranapur Sub Office

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