SEHORE Locality - List of localities of SEHORE

Below is a comprehensive list of 18 areas and 5 talukas under SEHORE district of Madhya Pradesh. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

SEHORE District

Sehore District is a district of Madhya Pradesh state in central India. The town of Sehore is the district headquarters. The district is part of Bhopal Division.

List of Talukas in SEHORE, Madhya Pradesh

Below is map of SEHORE, Madhya Pradesh. Click to open in Google Maps.

Map of SEHORE, Madhya Pradesh

Area Locality in SEHORE District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Baktal Sehore Locality SEHORE Sehore Head Office
Bilkisganj Sehore Locality SEHORE Bilkisganj Sub Office
KALYAKHEDI Ichhawar Locality SEHORE Amlaha Sub Office
Beda Khedi Ashta Locality SEHORE Kotri Sub Office (Sehore)
Ichhawar Ichhawar Locality SEHORE Ichawar Sub Office
Ashta Ashta Locality SEHORE Ashta Sub Office
Bhada Khedi Ichhawar Locality SEHORE Metwada Sub Office
Siddiqueganj Ashta Locality SEHORE Siddikganj Sub Office
KUMDAWADA Ashta Locality SEHORE Maina Sub Office
Jawar Ashta Locality SEHORE Jawar Sub Office (Sehore)
Nasrullaganj Nasrullaganj Locality SEHORE Nasrllaganj Sub Office
Budni Budni Locality SEHORE Budhni T.N. Sub Office
Rehti Budni Locality SEHORE Rehti Sub Office
Jhanda Chouk Budni Locality SEHORE Baktara Sub Office
Shahganj Budni Locality SEHORE Shahganj Sub Office (Sehore)
Shyampur Sehore Locality SEHORE Shyampur Sub Office (Sehore)
Doraha Sehore Locality SEHORE Doraha Sub Office (Sehore)
Ahmadpur Ashta Locality SEHORE Ahmedpur Sub Office (Sehore)

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