BEED Locality - List of localities of BEED

Below is a comprehensive list of 29 areas and 11 talukas under BEED district of Maharashtra. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

BEED District

Beed district (or Bid or Bhir) is an administrative district in the state of Maharashtra in India. The district headquarters are located at Beed. The district occupies an area of 10,693 km² and has a population of 2,161,250 of which 17.91% were urban (as of 2001).[1]

List of Talukas in BEED, Maharashtra

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Map of BEED, Maharashtra

Area Locality in BEED District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Amalner Patoda Locality BEED Amalner Sub Office (Beed)
Pimpalwadi Bid Locality BEED Pimpalwandi Sub Office (Beed)
Madmapuri Shirur (Kasar) Locality BEED Shirur Sub Office (Beed)
Kaij Kaij Locality BEED Kada Sub Office (Beed)
Ashti Ashti Locality BEED Ashti Sub Office (Beed)
Mahasanghvi Patoda Locality BEED Patoda Sub Office (Beed)
Tippatwadi Bid Locality BEED Rajuri Navgan Sub Office
Mandva Ashti Locality BEED Kadasakhar Sub Office
Waibatwadi Bid Locality BEED Beed Head Office
Nagzari (L) Kaij Locality BEED Kaij Sub Office
Tandalwadi Dharur Locality BEED Kille Dharur Sub Office
Sawantwadi Bid Locality BEED Naiknoor Sub Office
Golangri Bid Locality BEED Chousala Sub Office
Georai (Rural) Georai Locality BEED Gevrai Sub Office
Belura Bid Locality BEED Dindrood Sub Office
Dongaon Kaij Locality BEED Talkhed Sub Office
Adpimpri Georai Locality BEED Umapur Sub Office
Shelapuri Manjlegaon Locality BEED Majalgaon Sub Office
Kesapuri Manjlegaon Locality BEED Kesapuri Camp Sub Office
Aher Vahegaon Georai Locality BEED JBSSK GADI Sub Office
Chinchala Wadwani Locality BEED Wadwani Sub Office
Adgaon Bid Locality BEED Beed ST Stand Sub Office
Dautpur Parli Locality BEED Parli Vaijinath Sub Office
Ambejogai Ambejogai Locality BEED Ambajogai Sub Office
Kaudgaon Kaij Locality BEED Bansorala Sub Office
Ladzari Parli Locality BEED Ghatnandur Sub Office
Parli Parli Locality BEED Parli Tps Sub Office
Warwati Ambejogai Locality BEED Ambasakhar Sub Office
Halamb Parli Locality BEED Vssk Pangri Sub Office

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