WARDHA Locality - List of localities of WARDHA

Below is a comprehensive list of 18 areas and 8 talukas under WARDHA district of Maharashtra. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

WARDHA District

Wardha district (Marathi: वर्धा जिल्हा) is one of the 35 districts in Maharashtra state in western India. This district is a part of Nagpur Division. The city of Wardha is the administrative headquarters of the district. The district had a population of 1,300,774 of which 26.28% were urban as of 2011.

List of Talukas in WARDHA, Maharashtra

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Map of WARDHA, Maharashtra

Area Locality in WARDHA District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Consumer Forum Wardha Locality WARDHA Wardha Head Office
SHIVNAGAR Wardha Locality WARDHA Wardha Ganj Sub Office
Deoli Deoli Locality WARDHA Deoli Sub Office (Wardha)
Sevagram Wardha Locality WARDHA Sewagram Sub Office
Seloo Seloo Locality WARDHA Seloo Sub Office
Sindi Seloo Locality WARDHA Sindi Sub Office
Kharangana Arvi Locality WARDHA Kharangna Sub Office
Pavnar Wardha Locality WARDHA Paunar Sub Office
Arvi Arvi Locality WARDHA Arvi Sub Office (Wardha)
Ashti Ashti Locality WARDHA Ashti Sub Office (Wardha)
Karanja Karanja Locality WARDHA Karanja Sub Office (Wardha)
Hinganghat Hinganghat Locality WARDHA Hinganghat Sub Office
GANDI CHOWK Deoli Locality WARDHA Pulgaon Sub Office
CAD1MAIN GATE Deoli Locality WARDHA Pulgaon Camp Sub Office
Allipur Hinganghat Locality WARDHA Allipur Sub Office (Wardha)
Samudrapur Samudrapur Locality WARDHA Samudrapur Sub Office
Nachangaon Deoli Locality WARDHA Nachangaon Sub Office
Wadner Hinganghat Locality WARDHA Wadner Sub Office

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