DEBAGARH Locality - List of localities of DEBAGARH

Below is a comprehensive list of 5 areas and 3 talukas under DEBAGARH district of Odisha. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.


Debagarh District, also known as Deogarh District, is a district of Odisha state, India. It is located in the northern part of the state. Debagarh is the district headquarters. The district covers an area of 2781.66 km². The district has a population of 274,095 (2001 Census). As of 2011 it is the least populous district of Odisha (out of 30).[1]

List of Talukas in DEBAGARH, Odisha

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Map of DEBAGARH, Odisha

Area Locality in DEBAGARH District

Locality Area District Postal Status
WEsco Office Debagarh Locality DEBAGARH Deogarh Sub Office (Debagarh)
Reamal Reamal Locality DEBAGARH Reamal Sub Office
Barkot Barkot Locality DEBAGARH Barkote Sub Office
DIVISIONAL FOREST OFFICE Debagarh Locality DEBAGARH Purunagarh Sub Office
BANK DORHA Debagarh Locality DEBAGARH Gohira Dam Site Sub Office

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