JAJAPUR Locality - List of localities of JAJAPUR

Below is a comprehensive list of 39 areas and 9 talukas under JAJAPUR district of Odisha. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

JAJAPUR District

Jajpur is a district of Odisha, India, and an historic place of pilgrimage. As Jajpur was once the capital of the Kalinga kingdom, it is now an area of archeological wealth, including the famous Saktipitha of the Goddess Biraja, as well as the shrines of the Goddess Biraja (Durga), Jangya Baraha (incarnation of Lord Vishnu as the white boar), Sapta Matruka, and a host of other religious figures, all located along the bank of the River Baitarani. Ashokajhar, Chandikhol, Chhatia, Gokarnika, Kuransa, Mahavinayak, Patharajpur, Ratnagiri, Udayagiri, Satyapira, Singhapur, Vyas Sarobar, and Baruneswar Pitha are some of the destinations that attract tourists to the district, and the region's various natural resources support mines and industries.

List of Talukas in JAJAPUR, Odisha

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Map of JAJAPUR, Odisha

Area Locality in JAJAPUR District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Chhatia Badachana Locality JAJAPUR Chhatia Sub Office
Dhanmandal Badachana Locality JAJAPUR Dhanmandal Sub Office
Byree Badachana Locality JAJAPUR Byree Sub Office
Balichandrapur Balichandrapur Locality JAJAPUR Balichandrapur Sub Office
Barapada Binjharpur Locality JAJAPUR Barpada Sub Office
Charinangal Balichandrapur Locality JAJAPUR Charinangal Sub Office
Sunguda Badachana Locality JAJAPUR Sungura Sub Office (Jajapur)
Barik sahi Jajapur Locality JAJAPUR Jajpur Head Office
Dharpur Dharmasala Locality JAJAPUR Bari Cuttack Sub Office
Binjharpur Binjharpur Locality JAJAPUR Binjharpur Sub Office
Brahmabarada Dharmasala Locality JAJAPUR Brahmabarada Sub Office
Dasarathapur Mangalpur Locality JAJAPUR Dasarathpur Sub Office
Kodandapur Jajapur Locality JAJAPUR Debidwar Sub Office
Dharmasala Dharmasala Locality JAJAPUR Dharmasala Sub Office
Kabirpur Jajapur Locality JAJAPUR Kabirpur Sub Office
Sherpur Jajapur Locality JAJAPUR Kaipara Sub Office
Mangalpur Mangalpur Locality JAJAPUR Mangalpur Sub Office (Jajapur)
Mansada Binjharpur Locality JAJAPUR Mashra Sub Office
Pritipur Binjharpur Locality JAJAPUR Pritipur Sub Office
Barina Jajapur Locality JAJAPUR Rambag Sub Office
Sankhachilla Korai Locality JAJAPUR Sankhachilla Sub Office
Singhpur Binjharpur Locality JAJAPUR Singhpur Sub Office (Jajapur)
Sujanpur Jajapur Locality JAJAPUR Sujanpur Sub Office (Jajapur)
Sukinda Sukinda Locality JAJAPUR Sukinda Sub Office
Gopabandhu Chhaka Jajapur Road Locality JAJAPUR Jajpur Road RS Sub Office
Bangalisahi Jajapur Road Locality JAJAPUR Ferro Chrome Project Sub Office
Korai Korai Locality JAJAPUR Korei Sub Office
Jenapur Dharmasala Locality JAJAPUR Jenapur Sub Office
Haridaspur Dharmasala Locality JAJAPUR Haridaspur Sub Office
Barundai Korai Locality JAJAPUR Barundai Sub Office
gobarghati Jajapur Road Locality JAJAPUR Dangadi Sub Office
Arei Binjharpur Locality JAJAPUR Arei Sub Office
Kalarangiata Sukinda Locality JAJAPUR Kalaringatta Sub Office
Ahiyas Mangalpur Locality JAJAPUR Ahiyas Sub Office
Panikoili Korai Locality JAJAPUR Panikoili Sub Office
Darpanigarh Badachana Locality JAJAPUR Chandikhol Sub Office
Kantigadia Dharmasala Locality JAJAPUR Kantigadia Sub Office
Jaraka Dharmasala Locality JAJAPUR Jaraka Sub Office
Chitalo Jajapur Locality JAJAPUR Chitalo Sub Office

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