JHARSUGUDA Locality - List of localities of JHARSUGUDA

Below is a comprehensive list of 16 areas and 9 talukas under JHARSUGUDA district of Odisha. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.


Jharsuguda is a district in Odisha, India with Jharsuguda town as its headquarters. The district once had an airport during World War II. This region is rich in coal and other mineral reserves. Of late, many small and medium scale iron and steel units have been set up in the vicinity of Jharsuguda town, giving impetus to the industrial growth of the district.

List of Talukas in JHARSUGUDA, Odisha

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Map of JHARSUGUDA, Odisha

Area Locality in JHARSUGUDA District

Locality Area District Postal Status
BENGALI PADA Jharsuguda Locality JHARSUGUDA Jharsuguda Head Office
Bihari Para Jharsuguda Locality JHARSUGUDA K.M. Road Jharsuguda Sub Office
Shining star School Jharsuguda Locality JHARSUGUDA Industrial Estate Jharsuguda S Sub Office
SDO Colony Jharsuguda Locality JHARSUGUDA O.M.P. Line Jharsuguda Sub Office
Bandhbahal Banaharapali Locality JHARSUGUDA Bandhbahal Colony Sub Office
Kolabira Kolabira Locality JHARSUGUDA Kolabira Sub Office
Laikera Laikera Locality JHARSUGUDA Laikera Sub Office
OPM GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL Brajarajnagar Locality JHARSUGUDA Brajarajnagar Sub Office
fOREST OFFICE Belpahar Locality JHARSUGUDA Belpahar Rs Sub Office
LIC Office Belpahar Locality JHARSUGUDA Belpahar Sub Office
Lakhanpur Lakhanpur Locality JHARSUGUDA Lakhanpur Sub Office (Jharsuguda)
Bagdehi Laikera Locality JHARSUGUDA Bagdehi Sub Office
RAMPUR SABERIA Brajarajnagar Locality JHARSUGUDA Rampur Colliery Sub Office
Palsada Rengali Locality JHARSUGUDA Panchgaon Sub Office
Orient Orient Locality JHARSUGUDA Orient Colliery Brajarajnagar Sub Office
OPGC PLANT Jharsuguda Locality JHARSUGUDA Itps Banaharpali Sub Office

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