NAYAGARH Locality - List of localities of NAYAGARH

Below is a comprehensive list of 23 areas and 9 talukas under NAYAGARH district of Odisha. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.


Nayagarh district is one of the 30 districts of Odisha State in eastern India. It was created in 1995 when the erstwhile Puri District was split into three distinct districts. It is home to the Baisipali Wildlife Sanctuary. It is like a Hill station, so far as natural scenery is concerned. Chhena Poda is the favourite sweet for which Nayagarh is famous in Odisha. Hemanta Kumar Padhi is now heading the district administration as the District Magistrate & Collector.

List of Talukas in NAYAGARH, Odisha

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Map of NAYAGARH, Odisha

Area Locality in NAYAGARH District

Locality Area District Postal Status
sastri nagar Ranapur Locality NAYAGARH Chandapur Sub Office (Nayagarh)
Gopalpur Ranapur Locality NAYAGARH Gopalpur Sub Office (Nayagarh)
Rajranpur Ranapur Locality NAYAGARH Rajranpur Sub Office
Bhapur Fategarh Locality NAYAGARH Bhapur Sub Office (Nayagarh)
Rajasunakhala Ranapur Locality NAYAGARH Rajsunakhala Sub Office
Itamati Nayagarh Locality NAYAGARH Itamati Sub Office
Nayagarh Nayagarh Locality NAYAGARH Nayagarh Head Office
Nayagarh Bazar Nayagarh Locality NAYAGARH Nayagarh Bazar Sub Office
Khandapada Khandapada Locality NAYAGARH Khandapadagarh Sub Office
Badabanpur Khandapada Locality NAYAGARH Kantilo Sub Office
Manadhatapur Nayagarh Locality NAYAGARH Mandhatapur Sub Office
Sarankul Sarankul Locality NAYAGARH Sarankul Sub Office
Odagaon Odagaon Locality NAYAGARH Odagaon Sub Office
Bahadajhola Odagaon Locality NAYAGARH Bahadajhola Sub Office
Nuagaon Nuagaon Locality NAYAGARH Nuagaon Sub Office (Nayagarh)
Dasapalla Dasapalla Locality NAYAGARH Daspalla Sub Office
Gania Gania Locality NAYAGARH Gania Sub Office
Duda Nayagarh Locality NAYAGARH Banigochha Sub Office
Kural Odagaon Locality NAYAGARH Kural Sub Office
Bhogabadi Dasapalla Locality NAYAGARH Satpatna Sub Office
Godipada Sarankul Locality NAYAGARH Godipada Sub Office
Madhykhanda Dasapalla Locality NAYAGARH Madhyakhand Sub Office
Mahipur Nuagaon Locality NAYAGARH Mahipur Sub Office

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