PURI Locality - List of localities of PURI

Below is a comprehensive list of 26 areas and 10 talukas under PURI district of Odisha. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

PURI District

Puri is a coastal district of Odisha, famous for its historic antiquities, religious sanctuaries, architectural grandeur, sea scape beauty, and its moderate climate. It holds a wealth of attractions for the visitors. It boasts of a continuous history from the 3rd Century B.C. to the present day and its unique monuments like those of Lord Jagannath at Puri, and the Sun God at Konark are famous in the world. It has the Chilika Lake, the largest brackish water lakes in India, that holds a picturesque sea scape beauty. It offers an ideal resort for birds who migrate from different parts of the continent. By virtue of its geographical location, the climate of Puri is equable throughout the year.

List of Talukas in PURI, Odisha

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Map of PURI, Odisha

Area Locality in PURI District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Puri town Sadar Locality PURI Puri Head Office
Puri Station Road Sadar Locality PURI Puri Station Road Sub Office
Shrivihar Sadar Locality PURI Srivihar Sub Office
Brahmagiri Brahmagiri Locality PURI Brahmagiri Sub Office
Chandanpur Chandanpur Locality PURI Chandanpur Sub Office
Basudevpur Sadar Locality PURI Basudevpur Sub Office (Puri)
Algum Satyabadi Locality PURI Sakhigopal Sub Office
Delanga Delanga Locality PURI Delang Sub Office
Beraboi Delanga Locality PURI Berboi Sub Office
Khandahota Brahmagiri Locality PURI Kanas Sub Office
Gabakund Satyabadi Locality PURI Gabakunda Sub Office
Satasankha Satyabadi Locality PURI Satasankha Sub Office
Pipili Pipili Locality PURI Pipili Sub Office
Balanga Nimapada Locality PURI Balanga Sub Office
Nimapada Nimapada Locality PURI Nimapara Sub Office
Jangalbori Gop Locality PURI Nayahat Sub Office
Kakatpur Kakatpur Locality PURI Kakatpur Sub Office
Astaranga Kakatpur Locality PURI Astaranga Sub Office
Gop Gop Locality PURI Gop Sub Office
Konark Konark Locality PURI Konark Sub Office
Brahmakundi Nimapada Locality PURI Brahmakundi Sub Office
Khelaur Pipili Locality PURI Rench Sub Office
Biritunga Gop Locality PURI Birtung Sub Office
Bangurigram Kakatpur Locality PURI Bangurigaon Sub Office
Lataharan Kakatpur Locality PURI Lataharan Sub Office
Bamanal Nimapada Locality PURI Bamanal Sub Office

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