BATHINDA Locality - List of localities of BATHINDA

Below is a comprehensive list of 19 areas and 3 talukas under BATHINDA district of Punjab. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.


Bathinda district is in Punjab, India. The districts encompasses an area of 3,344 square kilometres. It is bounded by Faridkot district on the north, Mukatsar district on the west, Barnala and Mansa districts on the east, and the state of Haryana on the south. Bathinda is cotton producing belt of Punjab.

List of Talukas in BATHINDA, Punjab

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Map of BATHINDA, Punjab

Area Locality in BATHINDA District

Locality Area District Postal Status
BHARAT NGR Bathinda Locality BATHINDA Bathinda Head Office
Jaga Nanad Road Bathinda Locality BATHINDA Gndtp Bathinda Sub Office
Kothe Arore wale Bathinda Locality BATHINDA Nfl Bathinda Sub Office
Gas Agency Bathinda Locality BATHINDA Bathinda Cantt Sub Office
Ram Bagh Road Gate 1 Bathinda Locality BATHINDA Bathinda City Sub Office
Bhucho Mandi Bathinda Locality BATHINDA Bhucho Mandi Sub Office
Nathana Bathinda Locality BATHINDA Nathana Sub Office
Rampura Phul Rampura Phul Locality BATHINDA Rampura Phul Sub Office
Phul (Rural) Rampura Phul Locality BATHINDA Phul Sub Office
Mehraj Rampura Phul Locality BATHINDA Mehraj Sub Office
Bhai Rupa Rampura Phul Locality BATHINDA Bhai Rupa Sub Office
Salabatpura Rampura Phul Locality BATHINDA Salabatpura Sub Office
GHTP LM Bathinda Locality BATHINDA Ghtp Lehra Mohabbat Sub Office
Goniana Mandi Bathinda Locality BATHINDA Goniana Mandi Sub Office
Bhagta Rampura Phul Locality BATHINDA Bhagta Bhai Sub Office
Raman Talwandi Sabo Locality BATHINDA Raman Sub Office
Talwandi Sabo Talwandi Sabo Locality BATHINDA Talwandi Sabo Sub Office
Sangat Bathinda Locality BATHINDA Sangat Sub Office
Maur Mandi Talwandi Sabo Locality BATHINDA Maur Mandi Sub Office

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