CHURU Locality - List of localities of CHURU

Below is a comprehensive list of 28 areas and 7 talukas under CHURU district of Rajasthan. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

CHURU District

Churu district (Hindi: चुरू जिला) is a district of the Indian state of Rajasthan in western India. The town of Churu is the administrative headquarters of the district.

List of Talukas in CHURU, Rajasthan

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Map of CHURU, Rajasthan

Area Locality in CHURU District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Churu Churu Locality CHURU Churu Head Office
Thelasar Churu Locality CHURU Ratan Nagar Sub Office
Ratangarh Ratangarh Locality CHURU Ratangarh Head Office
Rajgarh Rajgarh Locality CHURU Sadulpur Sub Office
Dudhwa Khara Churu Locality CHURU Dudhwakhara Sub Office
Satra Churu Locality CHURU Satra Sub Office
Rampura Rajgarh Locality CHURU Rampura Beri Sub Office
Sahwa Taranagar Locality CHURU Sahwa Sub Office
Sankhoo Rajgarh Locality CHURU Sankhu Fort Sub Office
Taranagar Taranagar Locality CHURU Taranagar Sub Office
Hameerwas Bara Rajgarh Locality CHURU Hamirwas Sub Office
Pulasar Sardarshahar Locality CHURU Pulasar Sub Office
Sardarshahar Sardarshahar Locality CHURU Sardarshahar Sub Office
Bhanipura Sardarshahar Locality CHURU Bhanipura Sub Office
Bidas Sujangarh Locality CHURU Bidasar Sub Office
Beer Chhapar ( Rural ) Sujangarh Locality CHURU Chhapar Sub Office
Chadwas Sujangarh Locality CHURU Charwas Sub Office
Gogasar Ratangarh Locality CHURU Gogasar Sub Office
Parihara Ratangarh Locality CHURU Parihara Sub Office (Churu)
Salasar Sujangarh Locality CHURU Salasar Sub Office
Sujangarh Sujangarh Locality CHURU Sujangarh Sub Office
Sandwa Sujangarh Locality CHURU Sandwa Sub Office
Lalgarh Sujangarh Locality CHURU Lalgarh Sub Office (Churu)
Sidhmukh Rajgarh Locality CHURU Sidhmukh Sub Office
All Locality Dungargarh Locality CHURU Momasar Sub Office
Rajaldesar ( Rural ) Ratangarh Locality CHURU Rajaldesar Sub Office
Bhenru ji Mandir Dungargarh Locality CHURU Shri Dungargarh Sub Office
ALL BEETALL LOCALITY Dungargarh Locality CHURU Sudsar Sub Office

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