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Below is a comprehensive list of 25 areas and 5 talukas under DAUSA district of Rajasthan. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

DAUSA District

Dausa District is a district of Rajasthan state in western India. The city of Dausa is the district headquarters. Dausa District has a population of 1,316,790 (2001 census), an area of 2950 km², and a population density of 384 persons per km² with 62.75% literacy rate. It is bounded on the north by Alwar District, on the northeast by Bharatpur District, on the southeast by Hindaun Karauli District, on the south by Sawai Madhopur District, and on the west by Jaipur District. The district is divided into five tehsils, Baswa, Dausa, Lalsot, Mahwa and Sikrai. The Sawa and Ban Ganga rivers run through the district. It is situated on National Highway no.11 From Jaipur to Agra. It is 55 km to the east of Jaipur. In Tehsil Mahwa there is a Gram Panchayat, Kherla Bujurg, it is famous for a record which was made during an election of member for legislative assembly Mahwa seat for Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha. All three candidates from National parties were resident this village, all of these three were from same cast (Gurjar), all were advocate by there profession. Eventually Hari Singh Gurjar was elected. BBC news services broadcast a special programme about it.

List of Talukas in DAUSA, Rajasthan

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Map of DAUSA, Rajasthan

Area Locality in DAUSA District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Lawan Dausa Locality DAUSA Lawain Sub Office
Dausa Dausa Locality DAUSA Dausa Head Office
Dubbi Sikrai Locality DAUSA Dubbi Sub Office
Bandikui Jageer(Rural) Baswa Locality DAUSA Bandikui Sub Office
Biwai Baswa Locality DAUSA Bewai Sub Office
Gurha Katla Baswa Locality DAUSA Gudha Katla Sub Office
Kundal Dausa Locality DAUSA Kundal Sub Office (Dausa)
Sikandara Sikrai Locality DAUSA Sikandra Sub Office (Dausa)
Baswa Baswa Locality DAUSA Baswa Sub Office (Dausa)
Bhandarej Dausa Locality DAUSA Bhandarej Sub Office
Geejgarh Sikrai Locality DAUSA Geejgarh Sub Office
Lalsot Lalsot Locality DAUSA Lalsot Sub Office
Mandawari Lalsot Locality DAUSA Mandawari Sub Office
Nangal Rajawatan Dausa Locality DAUSA Nangal Rajawatan Sub Office
Paparda Dausa Locality DAUSA Paparda Sub Office
Sainthal Dausa Locality DAUSA Sainthal Sub Office
Sikrai Sikrai Locality DAUSA Sikrai Sub Office
Manpur Sikrai Locality DAUSA Manpur Sub Office (Dausa)
Ramgarh Pachwara Lalsot Locality DAUSA Ramgarh Pachwara Sub Office
Didwana Lalsot Locality DAUSA Didwana Sub Office
Mahwa Mahwa Locality DAUSA Mahwa Sub Office
Mahwa RoadMandawar Mahwa Locality DAUSA Mahwa Road Sub Office
Paota Mahwa Locality DAUSA Paota (Dausa) Sub Office
Raseedpur Mahwa Locality DAUSA Rasidpur Sub Office
Kherla Sikrai Locality DAUSA Kherla Sub Office

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