ERODE Locality - List of localities of ERODE

Below is a comprehensive list of 60 areas and 5 talukas under ERODE district of Tamil Nadu. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

ERODE District

Erode District (previously known as Periyar District) is a district in the Kongu Nadu region (western part) of the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It was the largest district by area in the state before the Formation of Tirupur District and the headquarters of the district is Erode. It is divided into two revenue divisions namely Erode and Gobichettipalayam and further subdivided into 6 taluks. Periyar district was a part of Coimbatore District before its bifurcation on September 17, 1979 and was renamed as Erode District in 1996. As of 2011, the district had a population of 2,251,744 with a sex ratio of 993 females for every 1,000 males, much above the national average of 929.

List of Talukas in ERODE, Tamil Nadu

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Map of ERODE, Tamil Nadu

Area Locality in ERODE District

Locality Area District Postal Status
KILAKU PATTAKARA ST I II Erode Locality ERODE Erode Head Office
Parvathi krishna st., Erode Locality ERODE Erode Railway Colony Sub Office
SCM MILL Erode Locality ERODE Karungalpalayam Sub Office
PACHAPALI MEDU Erode Locality ERODE Veerappanchatram Sub Office
POOMBUKAR NAGAR (HOUSING BOARD) Erode Locality ERODE Peria Agraharam Sub Office
Gandhi road Erode Locality ERODE Surampatti Sub Office
ANDAVAR STREET Erode Locality ERODE Erode Collectorate Sub Office
Thindal (Kil) Erode Locality ERODE Thindal Sub Office
Chennimalai Perundurai Locality ERODE Chennimalai Sub Office
BEERANGI MEDU Perundurai Locality ERODE Perundurai Sub Office
ALL LOCALITIES Perundurai Locality ERODE Perundurai Sanitorium Sub Office
Siruvalur Gobichettipalayam Locality ERODE Siruvalur Sub Office
Thingalur Perundurai Locality ERODE Tingalur Sub Office
Voipadi Perundurai Locality ERODE Vijayamangalam Sub Office
PANNAIKADU Perundurai Locality ERODE Tudupathi Sub Office
KUMALAN KATTU THOTTAM Erode Locality ERODE Arachalur Sub Office
VMD COMPLEX Erode Locality ERODE Chittode Sub Office
Valayapalayam Perundurai Locality ERODE Kunnathur Sub Office (Erode)
Velampalayam Erode Locality ERODE Modakurichi Sub Office
THIRU.V.KA NAGAR Erode Locality ERODE Nasiyanur Sub Office
ANNA STREET Erode Locality ERODE Sivagiri Sub Office (Erode)
KARATTU PALAYAM Gobichettipalayam Locality ERODE Getticheyur Sub Office
Vadamugam Vellode Perundurai Locality ERODE Vadamugam Vellodu Sub Office
Avalpoondurai Erode Locality ERODE Avalpundurai Sub Office
KARICHI KADU Perundurai Locality ERODE Kanjikovil Sub Office
Ichipalayam Perundurai Locality ERODE Kodumudi Sub Office
VALLIYAM PALAYAM Erode Locality ERODE Unjalur Sub Office
Ganapathipalayam Perundurai Locality ERODE Ganapathipalayam Sub Office
URA COMPANY STREET Erode Locality ERODE Pasur Sub Office
VYSHYA TRADING COMPANY Bhavani Locality ERODE Bhavani Head Office
AGRI OFFICE Bhavani Locality ERODE Ammapettai Sub Office
CHINNIYAMPALAYAM Bhavani Locality ERODE Jambai Sub Office
Kugalur Gobichettipalayam Locality ERODE Kugalur Sub Office
GANDHI STREET Bhavani Locality ERODE Olagadam Sub Office
Perundalaiyur Gobichettipalayam Locality ERODE Sakthinagar Sub Office
K K NAGAR MAIN ROAD Bhavani Locality ERODE Vasavi College Sub Office
Veerabhadhar samy kovil st Sathyamangalam Locality ERODE Sathyamangalam Sub Office
SUB COurt Sathyamangalam Locality ERODE Rangasamudram Sub Office
Saminathapura, Sathyamangalam Locality ERODE Bhavanisagar Sub Office
BAJANAI KOVIL STREET Gobichettipalayam Locality ERODE Gobichettipalayam Head Office
GANDHI STREET Gobichettipalayam Locality ERODE Karattadipalayam Sub Office
Odayagoundanpalayam Gobichettipalayam Locality ERODE Kasipalayam Sub Office (Erode)
Kavandapadi Bhavani Locality ERODE Kavindapadi Sub Office
ST.MARYS HIGH SCHOOL Gobichettipalayam Locality ERODE Kolappalur Sub Office (Erode)
Kurumandur Gobichettipalayam Locality ERODE Kurumandur Sub Office
GOWTHAM AGENCIES Gobichettipalayam Locality ERODE Nambiyur Sub Office
Punjaipuliampatti Sathyamangalam Locality ERODE Punjai Puliampatti Sub Office
Ouetti kadu Sathyamangalam Locality ERODE Savakattupalayam Sub Office
Talavadi Sathyamangalam Locality ERODE Talavadi Sub Office
Vemandampalayam Gobichettipalayam Locality ERODE Vemandampalayam Sub Office
KTS NAGAR Gobichettipalayam Locality ERODE Gobichettipalayam South Sub Office
Anthiyur Bhavani Locality ERODE Anthiyur Sub Office
THE BRANCH LIBRUARY Bhavani Locality ERODE Athani Sub Office (Erode)
KARANI PUDUR Sathyamangalam Locality ERODE Dasappagoundanpudur Sub Office
AANAI GOUNDANUR Bhavani Locality ERODE Guruvareddiyur Sub Office
PUE SCHOOL, CKK NAGAR Gobichettipalayam Locality ERODE Kallipatti Sub Office
PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE Gobichettipalayam Locality ERODE Thuckanaickenpalayam Sub Office
BUS STAND Perundurai Locality ERODE Uttukuli Sub Office
ANNAI MATRIC SCHOOL Perundurai Locality ERODE Uttukuli Rs Sub Office
Chengappalli Perundurai Locality ERODE Chengapalli Sub Office

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