KARUR Locality - List of localities of KARUR

Below is a comprehensive list of 33 areas and 4 talukas under KARUR district of Tamil Nadu. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

KARUR District

Karur District is a district located along the Kaveri and Amaravathi rivers in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The main town in Karur District is the city of Karur, which is also the district headquarters. The district had a population of 1,064,493 with a sex ratio of 1,015 females for every 1,000 males.

List of Talukas in KARUR, Tamil Nadu

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Map of KARUR, Tamil Nadu

Area Locality in KARUR District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Keelappaguthi Kulithalai Locality KARUR Chinthamanipatti Sub Office
D.Edayapatti(West) Kulithalai Locality KARUR Tharagampatti Sub Office
Thogamalai Kulithalai Locality KARUR Thogaimalai Sub Office
CHINNAPALLI STREET Karur Locality KARUR Karur Head Office
INDUSIND BANK Karur Locality KARUR Sengunthapuram Sub Office
Thirumanilaiyur Karur Locality KARUR Tirumanilaiyur Sub Office
Senapiratti Karur Locality KARUR Pasupathipalayam Sub Office
DPTY DIRECTOR OF SEEDS INSPECTION Karur Locality KARUR Thanthonimalai Sub Office
THITTA SALAI Karur Locality KARUR Vengamedu Sub Office
Nandininagar Karur Locality KARUR Karur Collectorate Sub Office
Andankoil Karur Locality KARUR Andankoil Sub Office
Krishnarayapuram Krishnarayapuram Locality KARUR Krishnarayapuram Sub Office
Kulithalai Kulithalai Locality KARUR Kulittalai Head Office
Kallapalli Krishnarayapuram Locality KARUR Lalapet Sub Office
Rajendram (South) Kulithalai Locality KARUR Marudur Sub Office
Mayanur Krishnarayapuram Locality KARUR Mayanur Sub Office
Nagamballi Aravakurichi Locality KARUR Moolapatti Sub Office
Neidalur (South) Kulithalai Locality KARUR Nungavaram Sub Office
K.Paramathi Aravakurichi Locality KARUR Paramathi (Karur) Sub Office
MATHEW NAGAR Karur Locality KARUR Pugalur Sugar Factory Sub Office
Melapalayam Karur Locality KARUR Puliyur Cement Factory Sub Office
Vangal Karur Locality KARUR Vangal Sub Office
SEKKUMEDU Karur Locality KARUR Velayuthampalayam Sub Office
Vellianai(south) Karur Locality KARUR Velliyanai Sub Office
Panjapatti Krishnarayapuram Locality KARUR Panjapatti Sub Office
Vaiganallur(North) Kulithalai Locality KARUR Vaiganallur Sub Office
230 KV TNEB OFFICE House Karur Locality KARUR Kagtithapuram Sub Office
Aravakurichi Aravakurichi Locality KARUR Aravakurichi Sub Office
Chinnadarapuram Aravakurichi Locality KARUR Chinnadharapuram Sub Office
Esanatham Aravakurichi Locality KARUR Isanatham Sub Office
Cresent Nagar Aravakurichi Locality KARUR Pallapatti Sub Office (Karur)
Thennilai(south) Aravakurichi Locality KARUR Tennilai Sub Office
Aluminium factory line Aravakurichi Locality KARUR Pallapatti Bazaar Sub Office

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