THENI Locality - List of localities of THENI

Below is a comprehensive list of 30 areas and 5 talukas under THENI district of Tamil Nadu. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

THENI District

Theni District is a district of Tamil Nadu state in South India. The city of Theni is the district headquarters. The district is divided into two natural divisions: The hilly areas constituted by parts of the three taluks Periyakulam, Uthamapalayam and Andipatti with thick vegetation and perennial streams from the hills on the western side and Cumbum valley which lies in Uthamapalayam taluk.[3] As of 2011, Theni district had a population of 1,245,899 with a sex ratio of 991 females for every 1,000 males.

List of Talukas in THENI, Tamil Nadu

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Map of THENI, Tamil Nadu

Area Locality in THENI District

Locality Area District Postal Status
PETTAI ST Periyakulam Locality THENI Genguvarpatti Sub Office
MARI ST Andipatti Locality THENI Aundipatti Sub Office
VELLAIAPPAN CHETTI ST Bodinayakanur Locality THENI Bodinayakanur Head Office
MUTHALIYAR ST Uthamapalayam Locality THENI Chinnamanur Sub Office
NATARAJAN KALYANA MAHAL Uthamapalayam Locality THENI Cumbum Sub Office (Theni)
Gandamanur Andipatti Locality THENI Gandamanayakanur Sub Office
KALIAMMAN KOVIL ST Uthamapalayam Locality THENI Gudalur Sub Office
All Localitiies Uthamapalayam Locality THENI Highwavys Sub Office
Kamatchipuram Periyakulam Locality THENI Kamatchipuram Sub Office
Narayanathevanpatti Uthamapalayam Locality THENI Kamayakoundanpatti Sub Office
MANIMARAN KOVIL ST Uthamapalayam Locality THENI Kombai Sub Office
Alagapuri Uthamapalayam Locality THENI Lakshmipuram Sub Office (Theni)
Pannaipuram Uthamapalayam Locality THENI Pannaipuram Sub Office
All Localitiies Uthamapalayam Locality THENI Periyar Project Sub Office
ARULAPPAR ST Uthamapalayam Locality THENI Royappanpatti Sub Office
Pottipuram Uthamapalayam Locality THENI Sillamarathupatti Sub Office
ARUMUGAM NADAR ST Uthamapalayam Locality THENI Thevaram Sub Office
WORK SHOP ST (12,3) Theni Locality THENI Theni Sub Office
PANCHAYAT UNION OFFICE Uthamapalayam Locality THENI Uthamapalayam Sub Office
Uppukottai Bodinayakanur Locality THENI Veerapandi Sub Office (Theni)
Seepalakottai Uthamapalayam Locality THENI Odaipatti Sub Office
Suruli RF . Uthamapalayam Locality THENI C.Pudupatti Sub Office
Gullapuram Periyakulam Locality THENI Varadharajnagar Sub Office
Kadamalaikundu Andipatti Locality THENI Kadamalaikundu Sub Office
Kottagudi Bodinayakanur Locality THENI Subburajnagar Sub Office
BHARATHIAR NAGAR Periyakulam Locality THENI Periyakulam Head Office
D.Vadipatty Periyakulam Locality THENI Devadanapatti Sub Office
GHS ST Periyakulam Locality THENI Vadugapatti Sub Office
Endapuli Periyakulam Locality THENI Periyakulam East Sub Office
Murugamalai RF Periyakulam Locality THENI Tamarakulam Sub Office

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