TUTICORIN Locality - List of localities of TUTICORIN

Below is a comprehensive list of 89 areas and 8 talukas under TUTICORIN district of Tamil Nadu. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.


Thoothukudi District, also known as Tuticorin District, is a district of Tamil Nadu state in southern India. The town of Thoothukudi (Tuticorin) is the district headquarters. The district is known for pearl cultivation, with an abundance of pearls being found in the seas offshore. It is known as the gateway of Tamil Nadu. It was formerly ruled by one of the oldest kingdoms in India, the Pandyan Dynasty. The port of Korkai, Kulasekerapattinam, was famous in ancient world with its fame reaching as far as Rome.Tuticorin city is the headquarters and also the largest city in the district.Kovilpatti and Tiruchendur are the other two major cities.The district in one of most urbanised and has high socio economic wealth. It also has higher HDI,Literacy,Sex Ratio than many other districts.[4] The archaeological site at Adichanallur holds the remains of the ancient Tamil civilization. As of 2011, the district had a population of 1,750,176 with a sex ratio of 1,023 females for every 1,000 males.

List of Talukas in TUTICORIN, Tamil Nadu

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Map of TUTICORIN, Tamil Nadu

Area Locality in TUTICORIN District

Locality Area District Postal Status
AMBALAM ST Kovilpatti Locality TUTICORIN Ilyarasanendal Sub Office
VE ROADsenthil lodge489 Thoothukkudi Locality TUTICORIN Melur Tuticorin Sub Office
CARIES LOGISTICS258D1VE ROAD Thoothukkudi Locality TUTICORIN New Colony Sub Office (Tuticorin)
PSC QUARTERSTYPE II 1 TO 22 Thoothukkudi Locality TUTICORIN Tuticorin Harbour Estate Sub Office
SPICSPIC factory Thoothukkudi Locality TUTICORIN Muthiahpuram Sub Office
Thermal Nagar Camp IType V (1 Block) Thoothukkudi Locality TUTICORIN Thermal Nagagr Sub Office
N G O COLONYRED RIBBONIII RD STREET Thoothukkudi Locality TUTICORIN Chidambaranagar Sub Office
Korampallam Thoothukkudi Locality TUTICORIN Korampollam Sub Office
Mudivaithanendal Thoothukkudi Locality TUTICORIN Mudittanendal Sub Office
Indira NagarVetenary Hospital Thoothukkudi Locality TUTICORIN Pudukottai Sub Office
Sekkarakkudi Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Sekkarakudi Sub Office
Tharuvaikulam Ottapidaram Locality TUTICORIN Taruvaikulam Sub Office
AutoorArunthathiyar street Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Autoor Sub Office
PazhaiyakayalPanchayat office,VAO office,Pry health centreSouth street Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Pazhaiyalkayal Sub Office
AmmanpuramWater tankThiruvalluvar street west Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Ammanpuram Sub Office
ArumuganeriJeyarathinam hospitalThisaikaval south street Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Arumuganeri Sub Office
Udangudi ChristianagaramSivalvilaipudur Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Udangudi Christianagaram Sub Office
KayalpatnamBeena meena appa colony Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Kayalpatnam Sub Office
KayamozhiRamanathapuram keela street I Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Kayamozhi Sub Office
Kulasekharanpatnam Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Kulasekarapatnam Sub Office
KurumburPolice Station,Indian oil bulkMain road Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Kurumbur Sub Office
Manadu ThandupathuTDTA Pry school,CSI churchChettivilai street Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Manaduthandapathu Sub Office
ManapadMiddle street Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Manapad Sub Office
MegnanapuramMutharamman koil,CSI church,TDTA pry schoolAnaithalai Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Megnanapuram Sub Office
NalumavadiKamaraj HSS,VAO office,Ration shopSundaramoorthypuram main road Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Nalumavadi Sub Office
PanickanadarkudieruppuWest street Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Panickanadarkudiyiruppu Sub Office
ParamankurichiAyyanar nagar 3 rd street Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Paramankurichi Sub Office
TiruchendurBharath gas agenciesPulamadan compound Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Tiruchendur Head Office
VirapandianpatanamMedina south street Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Virapandianpatanam Sub Office
Adaikalapuram Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Adaikalapuram Sub Office
MannanvilaiPallipathu panchayat officeVenduvanathivilai Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Mannanvilai Sub Office
VellalanvilaiSuthanthiranagar third street Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Vellalanvilai Sub Office
SahupuramKamalavathy Mat HSSTiruchendur road Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Sahupuram Sub Office
Fish marketPrimary Health CentreFish Market Street Thoothukkudi Locality TUTICORIN Sawyerpuram Sub Office
Vallanadu (Kasba) Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Vallanad Sub Office
KAILASAPURAMT.N.D.T.A. ELEMENTARY SCHOOLMAIN STREET Thoothukkudi Locality TUTICORIN Kailasapuram Sub Office (Tuticorin)
Ottainatham Ottapidaram Locality TUTICORIN Ottanatham Sub Office
Govindapuram Ottapidaram Locality TUTICORIN Naraikinar Sub Office
Keela TattaparaiPanchayat Union School,Railway StationMain Road Thoothukkudi Locality TUTICORIN Tattaparai Sub Office
Ottapidaram Ottapidaram Locality TUTICORIN Otapidaram Sub Office
Pudiyamputhur Ottapidaram Locality TUTICORIN Pudiyamputhur Sub Office
Kovilpatti Kovilpatti Locality TUTICORIN Kovilpatti Head Office
Inam Maniyachi Kovilpatti Locality TUTICORIN Lakshmipuram Sub Office (Tuticorin)
INDIAN OVERSEES BANK Kovilpatti Locality TUTICORIN K.R.Nagar Sub Office
ANNA KEELA ST Kovilpatti Locality TUTICORIN Kalugumalai Sub Office
SrivaikuntamAuto standSouth mada st Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Srivaikuntam Head Office
AlwartirunagariYadhavar sangamWest car st Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Alwartirunagari Sub Office
Kalliadaippn st Sathankulam Locality TUTICORIN Asirvathapuram Sub Office
CampbellabadI street west block Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Campbellabad Sub Office
KarungulamCMS North st Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Karungulam Sub Office
MukuperiSt.Mark HSSNorth Odai st Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Mukuperi Sub Office
Nazarethmanicka vasaga puram Sathankulam Locality TUTICORIN Nazareth Sub Office
NeivilaiShiya coir producteast st Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Neivilai Sub Office
PadmanabamangalamEsakki amman koil st Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Padmanabamangalam Sub Office
PatemanagaramKombamudami koilMuthusamipuram Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Patemanagaram Sub Office
PuthukudiKarnan st Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Puthukudi Sub Office
ThathankulamBala street Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Thathankulam Sub Office
ThenthiruperaiNorth Mada street Tiruchendur Locality TUTICORIN Thenthiruperai Sub Office
KommadikottaiThavasisppapuram Sathankulam Locality TUTICORIN Kommadikottai Sub Office
AnandhapuramGovt Pry Health CentreMain road Sathankulam Locality TUTICORIN Anandapuram Sub Office (Tuticorin)
MudalurPudur church st Sathankulam Locality TUTICORIN Mudalur Sub Office
PadukkapathuAlagammanpuram Sathankulam Locality TUTICORIN Padukkapathu Sub Office
SatankulamShanmugapuram Sathankulam Locality TUTICORIN Satankulam Sub Office
Eppodumvendran Ottapidaram Locality TUTICORIN Eppodumvendran Sub Office
east car st Kovilpatti Locality TUTICORIN Kadambur Sub Office (Tuticorin)
Pillayar kovil street Kovilpatti Locality TUTICORIN Nalatinputhur Sub Office
Passuvandanai Ottapidaram Locality TUTICORIN Pasuvandanai Sub Office
SENTHIL MATCH WORKS Kovilpatti Locality TUTICORIN Turaiyur Sub Office
Vanaramutti Kovilpatti Locality TUTICORIN Vanaramutti Sub Office
MUKTHIYUDAIYAN NADUVAM Ottapidaram Locality TUTICORIN Kurukkuchalai Sub Office
Pannaivilai BangalowRice millRice mill st Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Pannaivilai Sub Office
PerungulamLibrarySannathi st Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Perungulam Sub Office (Tuticorin)
SivagalaiPost officeSouth street Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Sivagalai Sub Office
EralTT Dist centra co op bankPalai road Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Eral Sub Office
SiruthondanallurEast st Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Siruthondanallur Sub Office
SeydunganallurKila st Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Seydunganallur Sub Office
Ellainayakkanpatti Srivaikuntam Locality TUTICORIN Ellanaickenpatti Sub Office
Ariyanayakipuram Vilathikulam Locality TUTICORIN Ariyanayagipuram Sub Office
Ettayapuram Ettayapuram Locality TUTICORIN Ettaiyapuram Sub Office
Kulathur (North) Vilathikulam Locality TUTICORIN Kulathur (TVL) Sub Office
Nagalapuram Vilathikulam Locality TUTICORIN Nagalapuram Sub Office (Tuticorin)
jawaharlal st Ettayapuram Locality TUTICORIN Pudur Sub Office
Vembar Vilathikulam Locality TUTICORIN Vembar Sub Office
Vilathikulam Vilathikulam Locality TUTICORIN Vilathikulam Sub Office
Kila Eral Ettayapuram Locality TUTICORIN Kilairal Sub Office
Kayathar Kovilpatti Locality TUTICORIN Kayathar Sub Office

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