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Below is a comprehensive list of 39 areas and 6 talukas under BALLIA district of Uttar Pradesh. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

BALLIA District

Ballia district (Hindi: बलिया ज़िला, Urdu: بالیا ضلع‎) is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh state, India. Ballia district is a part of Azamgarh Division situated in eastern Part of Uttar Pradesh. Main occupation is agriculture. Ballia City is district headquarters and commercial Market of this district. There are six tehsils (talukas) in this district viz Ballia, Bansdih, Rasra, Bairiya, Sikandarpur, and Belthara. Rasra is second major commercial area of district, having one government sugar mill and one cotton weaving industry. Though Ballia's core occupation is agriculture but there are some small industries are existing. Maniar is known for its bindi (Indian ladies putting on their forehead) industry and major supplier.

List of Talukas in BALLIA, Uttar Pradesh

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Map of BALLIA, Uttar Pradesh

Area Locality in BALLIA District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Chilakahar Rasra Locality BALLIA Chilkahar Sub Office
Gadhamalpur Sikanderpur ** Locality BALLIA Garhmalpur Sub Office
Bidhara Belthara Road ** Locality BALLIA Nagra Sub Office (Ballia)
Autrouli Karmouta Rasra Locality BALLIA Rasra Head Office
Nasirpur Mutkle Ramgarh Ballia Locality BALLIA Chitbaragaon Sub Office
Mukhalispur Belthara Road ** Locality BALLIA Bilthra Road RS Sub Office
kidihirapur Belthara Road ** Locality BALLIA Kidihirapur Sub Office
Sarani Sikanderpur ** Locality BALLIA Nawanagar Sub Office (Ballia)
Khandwa Rajpur Belthara Road ** Locality BALLIA Khandwa Sub Office
Jamuwa Ballia Locality BALLIA Ballia Head Office
Garhwar Ballia Locality BALLIA Garwar Sub Office
Ratshar Kalan Ballia Locality BALLIA Ratsar Sub Office
Pur Sikanderpur ** Locality BALLIA Pur Sub Office (Ballia)
Araji English Bhawani Singh Ii Bairia Locality BALLIA Bairia Sub Office (Ballia)
Bansdih Bansdih Locality BALLIA Bansdih Sub Office
Babhnauli Ballia Locality BALLIA Bansdih Road Sub Office
Dalan Chhapra Bairia Locality BALLIA Dallan Chhapra Sub Office
Gangapur Ballia Locality BALLIA Dubey Chhapra Sub Office
Sangapur Taluka Maniyarpati Pr Sikanderpur ** Locality BALLIA Maniar Sub Office
raniganj bazar Bairia Locality BALLIA Raniganj Bazar Sub Office
reoti Bairia Locality BALLIA Reoti Sub Office
Chhata Ballia Locality BALLIA Chhata Sub Office (Ballia)
Tandawa Taluka Sahatwar Bansdih Locality BALLIA Sahatwar Sub Office
Babhnauli Ballia Locality BALLIA V.B.Narayanpur Sub Office
Shivpur Urf Karan Chhapra Bairia Locality BALLIA Karanchhapa Sub Office
Uchitpura Bairia Locality BALLIA Lalganj (Ballia) Sub Office
Hardaspur Bansdih Locality BALLIA Kheosar Sub Office
Basantpur Uttari Ballia Locality BALLIA Basantpur Sub Office (Ballia)
Khadasara Sikanderpur ** Locality BALLIA Kharasara Sub Office
sikanderpur Bairia Locality BALLIA Sikanderpur Sub Office (Ballia)
Sukhpura Ballia Locality BALLIA Sukhpura Sub Office
Dubharh Ballia Locality BALLIA Bharsar Sub Office
Haldi Ballia Locality BALLIA Haldi Sub Office (Ballia)
Majhauwa Ballia Locality BALLIA Majhua Sub Office
Amao Ballia Locality BALLIA Korantadih Sub Office
Narahi Ballia Locality BALLIA Narhi Sub Office
Kapuri Ballia Locality BALLIA Phehpana Sub Office
Sohaon Ballia Locality BALLIA Sohaon Sub Office
Sagarpali Ballia Locality BALLIA Sagarpali Sub Office

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