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Below is a comprehensive list of 35 areas and 6 talukas under BARABANKI district of Uttar Pradesh. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.


The Barabanki district is one of four districts of Faizabad division, lies at the very heart of Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh state of India, and forms as it were a centre from which no less than seven other districts radiate. It is situated between 27°19' and 26°30' north latitude, and 80°05' and 81°51’ east longitude; it runs in a south easterly direction, confined by the nearly parallel streams of the Ghaghara and Gomti. With its most northern point it impinges on the Sitapur district, while its north eastern boundary is washed by the waters of the Ghagra, beyond which lie the districts of Bahraich district and Gonda district. Its eastern frontier marches with Faizabad district, and the Gomti forms a natural boundary to the south, dividing it from the Sultanpur district. On the west it adjoins the Lucknow district. The extreme length of the district from east to west may be taken at 57 mi (92 km), and the extreme breadth at 58 mi (93 km); the total area is about 1,504 sq mi (3,900 km2): its population amounts to 2,673,581, being at the rate of 686.50 to the square km. The Barabanki city is the district headquarters. Barabanki district has been known to be a favourite haunt of saints and ascetics, literatteurs and intellectuals, besides being a battlefield for freedom fighters.

List of Talukas in BARABANKI, Uttar Pradesh

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Map of BARABANKI, Uttar Pradesh

Area Locality in BARABANKI District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Nagar Nawabganj Locality BARABANKI Barabanki Head Office
Gandhi NagarGandhi NagarDewa Road Nawabganj Locality BARABANKI Barabanki Sugar Mill Sub Office
D M ResidenceD M ResidenceLucknow Faizabad Road Nawabganj Locality BARABANKI Gandhi Aashram Sub Office
Kothi Haidergarh Locality BARABANKI Kothi Sub Office (Barabanki)
Usman Pur Haidergarh Locality BARABANKI Usmanpur Sub Office
Harakh Nawabganj Locality BARABANKI Harakh Sub Office
Satrikh Dehat Nawabganj Locality BARABANKI Satrikh Sub Office
Aurangabad Nawabganj Locality BARABANKI Somaiya Nagar Sub Office
Haidergarh Haidergarh Locality BARABANKI Haidergarh Sub Office
Subeha Haidergarh Locality BARABANKI Subeha Sub Office
Trivediganj Haidergarh Locality BARABANKI Trivediganj Sub Office
Ganeshpur Ramnagar Locality BARABANKI Bahramghat Sub Office
Burhwal Ramnagar Locality BARABANKI Burhwal Sugar Mill Sub Office
Jahangeerabad Nawabganj Locality BARABANKI Jahangeerabad Raj Sub Office
Masauli Nawabganj Locality BARABANKI Masauli Sub Office
Ramnagar Ramnagar Locality BARABANKI Ramnagar Sub Office (Barabanki)
Sadatganj Sirauli Gauspur** Locality BARABANKI Saadatganj Sub Office (Barabanki)
Sirauli Gauspur** Sirauli Gauspur** Locality BARABANKI Sirauli Gaus Pur Sub Office
Tilokpur Ramnagar Locality BARABANKI Tilokpur Sub Office (Barabanki)
Dewan Nawabganj Locality BARABANKI Dewa Sharif Sub Office
Kursi Fatehpur Locality BARABANKI Kursi Sub Office
Mohmmadpur Fatehpur Locality BARABANKI Mohammad Pur Khaley Sub Office
Suratganj Ramnagar Locality BARABANKI Suratganj Sub Office
Fatehpur Fatehpur Locality BARABANKI Tehsil Fateh Pur Sub Office
Bhagauli Fatehpur Locality BARABANKI Shahpur Bhagauli Sub Office
Aliabad Ramsanehighat Locality BARABANKI Aliabad Sub Office
Dariyabad Ramsanehighat Locality BARABANKI Dariya Bad Sub Office
Mathura Nagar Ramsanehighat Locality BARABANKI Dariyabad R.S. Sub Office
Hathounda Ramsanehighat Locality BARABANKI Hathaunda Sub Office
Ramsanehighat Ramsanehighat Locality BARABANKI Ram Sanehi Ghat Sub Office
Safdarganj Nawabganj Locality BARABANKI Safderganj Sub Office
Sidhaur (Gramin) Haidergarh Locality BARABANKI Sidhaur Sub Office
Jaidpur (Dehat ) Nawabganj Locality BARABANKI Zaidpur Sub Office
Tikait Nagar Sirauli Gauspur** Locality BARABANKI Tikait Nagar Sub Office
Asandra Haidergarh Locality BARABANKI Asandra Sub Office

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