BUDAUN Locality - List of localities of BUDAUN

Below is a comprehensive list of 21 areas and 6 talukas under BUDAUN district of Uttar Pradesh. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

BUDAUN District

Budaun district (Hindi: बदायूँ जिला) is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh state of India, and Budaun town is the district headquarters. Budaun district is a part of Bareilly division. The district covers an area of 5168 km². According to the British historian George Smith, Budaun was named after Ahir prince Budh.[1]

List of Talukas in BUDAUN, Uttar Pradesh

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Map of BUDAUN, Uttar Pradesh

Area Locality in BUDAUN District

Locality Area District Postal Status
I A BabralaSBI Budaun Locality BUDAUN I.A. Babrala Sub Office
BudaunSbi Budaun Locality BUDAUN Budaun Head Office
Samrer Dataganj Locality BUDAUN Samrer Sub Office
Allapur Chamari Budaun Locality BUDAUN Allapur Sub Office
Asafpur Phakawali Bisauli Locality BUDAUN Asafpur Sub Office
Bilsi ** Bilsi ** Locality BUDAUN Bilsi Sub Office
Binavar Budaun Locality BUDAUN Binawar Sub Office
Dataganj Dataganj Locality BUDAUN Dataganj Sub Office
Kachhla Pukhta Budaun Locality BUDAUN Kichhla Sub Office
Kakrala Dataganj Locality BUDAUN Kakrala Sub Office
Sahaswan Sahaswan Locality BUDAUN Sahaswan Sub Office
Abdulla Ganj Budaun Locality BUDAUN Ujhani Sub Office
Ushat Dataganj Locality BUDAUN Usehat Sub Office
Bisauli Bisauli Locality BUDAUN Bisauli Sub Office
Gunnaur Gunnaur Locality BUDAUN Gunnaur Sub Office
Islam Nagar Bisauli Locality BUDAUN Islamnagar Sub Office
Rudayanpatti Ajabsingh Bilsi ** Locality BUDAUN Rudauin Sub Office
Saidpur Bisauli Locality BUDAUN Saidpur Sub Office (Budaun)
WazirganjSbi Budaun Locality BUDAUN Wazirganj Sub Office (Budaun)
Rajpura Gunnaur Locality BUDAUN Rajpura Sub Office (Budaun)
BabralaSBI Budaun Locality BUDAUN Babrala Sub Office

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