KUSHINAGAR Locality - List of localities of KUSHINAGAR

Below is a comprehensive list of 17 areas and 4 talukas under KUSHINAGAR district of Uttar Pradesh. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.


Kushinagar District (Hindi: कुशीनगर जिला, Urdu: کُشی نگر‎) is a district of Uttar Pradesh state in northern India. Padarauna is the district headquarters. The district is named for Kushinagar, a Buddhist pilgrimage site where Gautama Buddha attained parinirvana in the 6th or 5th centuries BCE.

List of Talukas in KUSHINAGAR, Uttar Pradesh

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Map of KUSHINAGAR, Uttar Pradesh

Area Locality in KUSHINAGAR District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Chakiya Hata Locality KUSHINAGAR Bodarwar Sub Office
Hetimpur Padrauna Locality KUSHINAGAR Hetimpur Sub Office
Badaya Bujurg Padrauna Locality KUSHINAGAR Sukrauli Sub Office
Captanganj Kasba Hata Locality KUSHINAGAR Captainganj Sub Office (Kushinagar)
Padraun Madurahi Tamkuhi Raj Locality KUSHINAGAR Dudhai Sub Office
Katkuiya Padrauna Locality KUSHINAGAR Kath Kuiyan Sub Office
Padrauna City Padrauna Locality KUSHINAGAR Padrauna Head Office
Balua chauraha Padrauna Locality KUSHINAGAR Ramkola Sub Office
B hardoi Padrauna Locality KUSHINAGAR Laxmiganj Sub Office
F.Nagar Tamkuhi Raj Locality KUSHINAGAR Fazilnagar Sub Office
Kasiya Kasba Kasya ** Locality KUSHINAGAR Kasia Sub Office
Shampur No1 Kasya ** Locality KUSHINAGAR Kushinagar Sub Office
Gauri Jagdish Padrauna Locality KUSHINAGAR Seorahi Sub Office
Tamkuhi Kasba Tamkuhi Raj Locality KUSHINAGAR Tamkuhi Sub Office
Tarya Tamkuhi Raj Locality KUSHINAGAR Tarya Sujan Sub Office
Jinda chhapar Padrauna Locality KUSHINAGAR Chhitauni Sub Office
R B Khadda Padrauna Locality KUSHINAGAR Raja Bazar Khadda Sub Office

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