MATHURA Locality - List of localities of MATHURA

Below is a comprehensive list of 28 areas and 3 talukas under MATHURA district of Uttar Pradesh. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

MATHURA District

Mathura District (Hindi: मथुरा ज़िला, Urdu: متھرا ضلع‎) situated along the banks of the river Yamuna is a district of Uttar Pradesh state of northern India. The historic town of Mathura is the district headquarters. The District is part of Agra division. Mathura is bounded on the northeast by Aligarh District, on the southeast by Hathras District, on the south by Agra District, and on the west by Rajasthan and northwest by Haryana state. Mathura district is an important pilgrimage centre of Hindus.

List of Talukas in MATHURA, Uttar Pradesh

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Map of MATHURA, Uttar Pradesh

Area Locality in MATHURA District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Brij Acadamy Mathura Locality MATHURA Mathura Head Office
Prem Nagar Mathura Locality MATHURA Gayatri Tapo Bhoomi Sub Office
Madanpura Bangar Mathura Locality MATHURA Krishna Nagar Sub Office (Mathura)
Kurkanda Mathura Locality MATHURA Mathura Refinery Sub Office
Bad Mathura Locality MATHURA Refinery Nagar Sub Office
Rasgaon Mathura Locality MATHURA Jalesar R.S. Sub Office
Manav Sew Shangh Mathura Locality MATHURA Vrindaban Sub Office
Garhaya Latifpur Khadar Mathura Locality MATHURA Farah Sub Office
Sonkh Dehat Mathura Locality MATHURA Sonkh Sub Office
Baroth Khadar Mat Locality MATHURA Bajna Sub Office (Mathura)
Tentigaon Mat Locality MATHURA Mant Sub Office
Naujhil Mat Locality MATHURA Nauhjhil Sub Office
Siriaya Ki Nagaria Mat Locality MATHURA Raya Sub Office
Rajagarhi Khawal Mat Locality MATHURA Surir Sub Office
Kumhan Mat Locality MATHURA Sonai Sub Office (Mathura)
Vairani Mathura Locality MATHURA Baldeo Sub Office
Radoi Mathura Locality MATHURA Bisawar Sub Office
Gokul Bangar(Dehat.1) Mathura Locality MATHURA Gokul Sub Office
Mahaban Mathura Locality MATHURA Mahaban Sub Office
Jugsana Mathura Locality MATHURA Jugasana Sub Office
Dhamsinga Chhata Locality MATHURA Chhata Sub Office (Mathura)
Sahpur Chhata Locality MATHURA Kosi Kalan Sub Office
Senwa BO Chhata Locality MATHURA Shergarh Sub Office (Mathura)
Barsana(Rural) Chhata Locality MATHURA Barsana Sub Office
Tarauli Chhata Locality MATHURA Chaumuhan Sub Office
Aring Mathura Locality MATHURA Aring Sub Office
G.T. Jatipura Mathura Locality MATHURA Goverdhan Sub Office
Radhakund Chhata Locality MATHURA Radhakund Sub Office

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