CHAMOLI Locality - List of localities of CHAMOLI

Below is a comprehensive list of 26 areas and 6 talukas under CHAMOLI district of Uttarakhand. The detail includes Locality of each area with postal office type, taluka name, district name etc.

CHAMOLI District

Chamoli district (Hindi: चमोली ज़िला) is the second largest district of Uttarakhand state of India.[1] It is bounded by the Tibet region to the north, and by the Uttarakhand districts of Pithoragarh and Bageshwar to the east, Almora to the south, Garhwal to the southwest, Rudraprayag to the west, and Uttarkashi to the northwest. The administrative headquarters of the district is Gopeshwar.

List of Talukas in CHAMOLI, Uttarakhand

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Map of CHAMOLI, Uttarakhand

Area Locality in CHAMOLI District

Locality Area District Postal Status
Gopeshwar Chamoli Locality CHAMOLI Gopeshwar Head Office
Badrinath Joshimath Locality CHAMOLI Badrinath Seasonal Sub Office
Chamoli Joshimath Locality CHAMOLI Chamoli Sub Office
Chhinka Chamoli Locality CHAMOLI Chhinka Sub Office
Debal Tharali Locality CHAMOLI Debal Sub Office
Gwar Gair Sain ** Locality CHAMOLI Gairsain Sub Office
Gauchar Karnaprayag Locality CHAMOLI Gauchar Sub Office
Mehal Chauri Gair Sain ** Locality CHAMOLI Mehalchauri Sub Office
Ghat Chamoli Locality CHAMOLI Ghat Sub Office
Tal Gair Sain ** Locality CHAMOLI Adibadri Sub Office
Gwaldam Tharali Locality CHAMOLI Gwaldam Sub Office
Joshimath Joshimath Locality CHAMOLI Joshimath Sub Office
Karanprayag Karnaprayag Locality CHAMOLI Karanprayag Sub Office
Langasu Karnaprayag Locality CHAMOLI Langasu Sub Office
Nandprayag Chamoli Locality CHAMOLI Nandprayag Sub Office
Nalgaon Tharali Locality CHAMOLI Nalgaun Sub Office
Narainbagar Tharali Locality CHAMOLI Narainbagar Sub Office
Pipalkoti Chamoli Locality CHAMOLI Pipalkoti Sub Office
Pokhari Nagnath Pokhari ** Locality CHAMOLI Pokhari Nagnath Sub Office
Simli Karnaprayag Locality CHAMOLI Simali Sub Office
Tharali Tharali Locality CHAMOLI Tharali Sub Office
Talwari Tharali Locality CHAMOLI Talwari Sub Office
Topoban Joshimath Locality CHAMOLI Tapoban Sub Office
Bacchuwa Ban Malla Gair Sain ** Locality CHAMOLI Bachhuwaban Sub Office
Nauti Karnaprayag Locality CHAMOLI Nauti Sub Office
Nainisain Karnaprayag Locality CHAMOLI Nainisain Sub Office

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