Sikkim Locality - List of localities By Districts in Sikkim

Map of Sikkim, India

There are 4 districts in Sikkim, an Indian state, each overseen by a Central Government appointee, the district collector, who is in charge of the administration of the civilian areas of the districts. The Indian army has control of a large territory, as the state is a sensitive border area. Many areas are restricted and permits are needed to visit them. There are a total of eight towns and nine subdivisions in Sikkim.

Locality By Districts in Sikkim

Below is the list of 4 districts in Sikkim with pincode range and total unique localities per district.

District Pincode Post Office
EAST SIKKIM 737131 Rangli Bazar S.O
NORTH SIKKIM 737119 Phudong S.O
SOUTH SIKKIM 737139 Ravangla S.O
WEST SIKKIM 737121 Naya Bazar S.O (West Sikkim)

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